Star Citizen Roadmap Update October 2nd, 2020

We have liftoff! I mean 3.11.0 PTU. Which is going swimmingly. We’ve seen 3.11.0 Evocati/PTU patches 3.11.0i, 3.11.0j (3.11.0j+), 3.11.0k, 3.11.0l, and 3.11.0m this week.

We had an episode of Star Citizen Live entitled “Making Mountains“. The episode provides an in-depth look at how terrain is created and manipulated to give us those beautiful and life-like landscapes we so often see shared within the Star Citizen player community.

3.11.0 – Q3 2020

This past quarter’s update hit 100% and everything is either complete or in polishing. The Origin 100 series all went into polishing this week while everything else is considered complete. Expect 3.11.0 to hit the live servers next week.

3.11.x – Q3+ 2020

The Mercury Star Runner is still the only card on this release. It hurdled up by 40% this week bringing it to 95% complete. It sits at 108 of 114 tasks complete. We saw 45 tasks completed this week.

3.12.0 – Q4 2020

Not much movement on the last quarter’s update.. actually some regression. Not by much – a 1% decrease bringing it down to 46% complete.

  • Station-based Refining dipped by 1% bringing it down to 78% complete. It sits at 53 of 68 tasks complete. We saw 1 task completed and 2 tasks added this week.
  • Object Push and Pull dropped by 10% this week bringing it down to 57% complete. It sits at 8 of 14 tasks completed. We saw 2 tasks completed and 5 tasks added this week.

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