Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 LIVE Overview

Star Citizen Patch 3.19.0 has been released, introducing several new features and updates to the game. One of the major additions is the inclusion of Salvage Contracts, a new mission type where players are tasked with scrapping derelict ships and selling the salvage. These contracts come in three variations: Lawful, Lawless, and Unlawful, each with its own challenges and rewards. Another new mission type is the Ghost Hollow Reclaimer PVP Mission, which creates PVP encounters at the Ghost Hollow crash site where players fight for control over terminals for credit payouts. Additionally, the patch brings improvements to the New Player Experience, aiming to enhance the initial gameplay for new players by introducing them to the game’s basic features and providing a guided walkthrough in Area 18 and Baijini Point.

In terms of feature updates, Patch 3.19.0 introduces the Lorville Skyline 2.0, a major reworking of the Lorville skyline to better reflect the city’s scale and distinctive buildings. The update also includes the addition of updated volumetric atmosphere and clouds to ArcCorp and Hurston, performance polish for atmospheres and clouds, and the relocation of Area18 ASOP Terminals closer to the hangar elevators. Furthermore, the Building Blocks Shop UI for Casaba and Dumpers Depot has been updated with shop-specific styles.

The AI in Star Citizen receives a balance update in this patch, specifically in FPS AI combat. The update aims to make AI feel more realistic and lifelike, with improved accuracy and behavior. NPCs now have a better range of accuracy modifiers based on factors such as sight of the target, duration of seeing the target, and their loadouts. This update brings a more forgiving AI combat experience while still providing a challenge for players.

The Tractor Beam receives a significant update in Patch 3.19.0, enabling players to attach and detach items using hand-held tractor beams. This feature allows players to remove ship components and sell salvaged items for profit. Players can lock and unlock the ability to remove weapons and components from their ships, and an AR marker guides them on the correct orientation for attaching components. Mining also receives balancing updates, including changes to resource distribution, refining effectiveness, costs, component stats, and multi-crew mining efficiency. The goal is to make multi-crew mining more attractive and ensure that all materials are equally lucrative.

Several bug fixes are implemented in this patch, addressing issues such as crash handling prompts, response latency for interactions, invalid location errors when buying pharmacy items, and collision problems with ships. The patch also includes optimizations to radar performance, ASOP UI, and NPC performance.

Overall, Patch 3.19.0 brings a variety of new features and updates to Star Citizen, expanding gameplay options with Salvage Contracts and the Ghost Hollow Reclaimer PVP Mission. The improvements to the New Player Experience aim to provide a better introduction to the game for newcomers. The updates to the Lorville skyline, AI combat, and Tractor Beam enhance the overall gameplay experience, while bug fixes and optimizations improve stability and performance. With each patch, Star Citizen continues to progress and develop, bringing players closer to the immersive universe envisioned by its developer

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