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    This seems to be the best option for chasing down that helmet for October 2020.

    The Esperia Glaive, sometimes called the Vanduul Glaive, is an old game design which hasn’t seen much in the way of modernization.  When compared to the Gladius for the helmet challenge the big difference is the Glaive has massive alpha strike damage and higher sustained gun DPS while the Gladius can carry more potential damage in missiles.  Outside of that the two ships are roughly the same as far as stats go.


    • Can’t change the guns on the Glaive.  Sorry!
    • 8x Rattler II


    • 2x FR-66 Shields
    • Atlas QD
    • JS-300 Powerplant
    • 2x Glacier Coolers


    • 1,844 Gun DPS (2164 Alpha)
    • 28,368 Missile Damage
    • 12,240 Shield Hitpoints
    • 612 Shield Recharge/second

    Some players are reporting issues with the Glaive’s cockpit randomly popping open while flying.

    The switch to the Rattler II missiles gives the user some serious ability to drop shields quickly.  The cluster capability of the Rattler II is unmatched by other missile types.  Fire your Rattler II’s while close in to reduce the target’s ability to use countermeasures.

    I chose the 2x FR-66 over a mix between the FR-66 and the Palisade as the Palisade drops the shield recharge to 477/second while only increasing the Shield hit points to 14,040 which didn’t seem worth it to me since the Gladius is a ship which gets in close and will likely always be taking hits but at short intervals.

    I always use an Atlas in my small ship builds as it is a nice balance between speed and fuel economy.  Should I launch this craft from a carrier in the future I’ll opt for a military-class quantum drive for more speed.

    I go with the JS series for any combat craft due to lower EM/IR emissions and much lower power draw request time (less than half that of the Breton in this case).

    The coolers are honestly a toss up for me.  I do prefer the military grade A cooler due to less EM/IR.  The industrial Ultra Flow offers better power on request time but you usually don’t power off your coolers once they have been powered on.  The Ultra Flow could be used in cases for redundancy or extreme overclocking in the future.. the Glacier handles a complete overclock right now on the Gladius without a problem in 3.10.2, though.

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