Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Live Overview

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 LIVE Overview

Star Citizen, the ambitious space simulator game, has recently released its highly anticipated 3.18 patch. The latest update brings several new features, improvements, and bug fixes to the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Star Citizen 3.18 patch and everything it has to offer.

New Features:

The Star Citizen 3.18 patch brings many exciting new features to the game, including a new dynamic event system called “Quantum Events.” Quantum Events are randomly generated events that occur throughout the game universe. These events can range from minor disturbances, such as space debris or minor system failures, to major events such as pirate attacks or Vanduul invasions. Players can respond to these events and earn rewards for their efforts.

The 3.18 patch also introduces new ships to the game, including the Crusader Mercury Star Runner and the Origin 100i. The Crusader Mercury Star Runner is a medium-sized ship that can carry cargo and passengers. It also has a turret and a suite of hacking tools that make it ideal for smuggling operations. The Origin 100i is a small, fast ship that is perfect for short-range courier missions.


The Star Citizen 3.18 patch brings several improvements to the game, including changes to the economy and mission rewards. The economy has been rebalanced, making it easier for players to earn money through various activities such as trading and mining. The mission reward system has also been revamped, with better rewards for more challenging missions.

The game’s user interface has also been improved with the addition of a new star map, which makes it easier for players to navigate the game universe. The new star map also displays Quantum Events and allows players to plan their routes accordingly.

Bug Fixes:

The 3.18 patch also addresses several bugs and issues that have been reported by players. These fixes include improvements to the game’s performance and stability, as well as fixes for various gameplay issues.

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The Star Citizen 3.18 patch brings many exciting new features, improvements, and bug fixes to the game. With the addition of Quantum Events, players can now experience even more dynamic and engaging gameplay. The new ships add to the game’s already impressive roster of vessels, and the improvements to the economy and mission reward system make it easier for players to progress in the game. Overall, the 3.18 patch is a significant update that adds to the depth and complexity of the Star Citizen universe.

Read the Official Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Live patch notes here

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