Star Citizen Referral Code

Are you looking to get into Star Citizen and heard that there’s a bonus if you use a Referral Code? Well, you are in luck!

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This referral code will grant you 5,000 extra UEC to start out with by default on your account. This is a great boost to any new player and will allow you to purchase a set of body armor and a weapon.

Most of the “Starter” game packages only start with 1,000 UEC. Using the Star Citizen Referral Code above will grant you 5x more starting money.

Star Citizen Starter Packages Breakdown

Starter ShipCost (USD)Base Starting UEC
Mustang Alpha$451,000 UEC
Aurora MR$451,000 UEC
C8X Pisces$601,000 UEC
Cutter$601,000 UEC
100i$651,000 UEC
Avenger Titan$701,000 UEC
Arrow$901,000 UEC
Nomad$951,000 UEC
Cutlass Black$1155,000 UEC
Hornet F7C$1255,000 UEC
Freelancer$1255,000 UEC
Constellation Andromeda$27510,000 UEC

What is Ship Insurance in Star Citizen?

Ship insurance is an interesting topic. All of the above ships are listed with 6 months of insurance. What this means is that if your ship is destroyed, lost, or stolen within that time window that you’ll be able to get it back fairly painlessly. There may be a small fee like an insurance deductible but it will be nominal.

Players will be able to renew the insurance policy on their ship using in-game currency.

If your ship is lost, destroyed, or stolen AFTER the insurance coverage runs out, Cloud Imperium Games (the developer) has officially stated that any ships purchased with real money will never truly be lost. If such a ship is lost one way or another there will always be a path to recover it via in-game currency. This will likely be through an insurance policy renewal using in-game currency which may also renew the insurance policy.

Source: Official Star Citizen Forums

However, during the Alpha and Beta, every player has unlimited insurance. Currently, there is no currency cost to replace a lost ship via an insurance claim.

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