Star Citizen Roadmap Update September 25th, 2020

It’s been a busy and exciting week for Star Citizen fans. This week’s Inside Star Citizen went over quite a few of the changes coming to 3.11.0. It’s worth watching. Here’s a list of what it briefly went over:

  • Cargo decks
  • Repainting terrain of planets and moons
  • Origin 100 series
  • Mercury Star Runner interior shots
  • Front end Rework and conversion to building blocks
  • Behring BR2 Shotgun
  • Behring GP33 Grenade Launcher
  • Force Reactions v2
  • Throw and handling system
  • Building blocks grid interface for player inventory
  • Prison commissary updates
  • Hints at new prison escape gameplay

We also got a look at the Aegis Redeemer gunship in this week’s Calling All Devs episode! We grabbed some screenshots so you don’t have to watch the video to see the latest design for the Aegis Redeemer.

As for progress, since we are in Evocati testing we’ve seen a tremendous amount of progress with 3.11.0. We’ve seen Evocati patches 3.11.0e, 3.11.0f, 3.11.0g, and 3.11.0h this week.

3.11.0 – Q3 2020

Overall the next major update was moved up by 12% to 98% complete. Evocati testers have everything to get their hands on except the Origin 100 series. Let’s take a look:

  • Repainting Existing Planets and Moons increased by 100% after being introduced last week. It sits at 15 of 15 tasks completed and is in polishing.
  • Space Station – Cargo Deck increased by 3% bringing it to 100% and is now in polishing.
  • Relaxation of Armistice Restrictions jumped by 14% bringing it to 100% and is now in polishing.
  • Improved Throw nudged up by 3% and is now at 100% and is in polishing.
  • The Origin 100 series increased by 6% and now sits at 89% complete. It sits at 47 of 53 tasks completed. We saw 3 tasks completed this week.
  • The Behring GP-33 Grenade Launcher jumped by 10% bringing it to 100% and into polishing.

3.11.x – Q3+ 2020

The Mercury Star Runner inched forward by 1% bringing it to 55% complete. It now sits at 63 of 114 tasks completed. We saw 1 task completed this week.

3.12.0 – Q4 2020

Overall the last quarter’s update bumped up by 5% bringing it to 47%. We had some ups and downs for 3.12.0 this week so let’s dig in:

  • Station System Spacescaping started development this week. So far it is 46% complete and sits at 14 of 31 tasks completed.
  • Ship AI: Hazard Awareness and Avoidance started development this week but shows no progress yet.
  • Elevator Panel Updates saw a drop of 23% this week bringing it back down to 27% complete. It sits at 3 of 11 tasks completed. We saw 5 tasks added this week.
  • Death Animation Improvements launched forward by 46% bringing the card to 71% complete. It now sits at 17 of 24 tasks completed. It saw 16 tasks completed and 20 tasks added this week.

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