Star Citizen Roadmap Update September 18th, 2020

This week has been a fairly entertaining week for Star Citizens. Alpha 3.11.0 rolled out to play testers and the content is fairly interesting. We saw 3.11.0a, 3.11.0b, 3.11.0c, and 3.11.0d this week alone. has dropped a couple surprised onto the roadmap for 3.11.0. Let's dive in.

3.11.0 ā€“ Q3 2020

As mentioned, 3.11.0 hit evocati this week. With that we've had plenty of leaks of fascinating things in this version. One large change is the relaxation of armistice zone restrictions and is worth a read so you don't get caught offguard. Overall this patch saw a 21% increase bringing it to 86% complete overall.

  • Updated Ground Textures is a new addition and comes to us at 100% tasks complete and is in polishing.
  • Updated is also new and also comes to us at 100% tasks complete and is in polishing.
  • Relaxation of Restrictions is also new. It comes to us at 6 of 7 tasks complete. It is 86% complete. Again, worth the read.
  • increases by 1% and is now at 92% complete. It sits at 98 of 106 tasks completed. We saw 5 tasks completed and 4 tasks added this week.
  • Improved Throw inches forward by 5% to 97% complete. It sits at 62 of 64 tasks completed. We saw 5 tasks completed and 2 tasks added this week.
  • The Origin 100 series moved forward by 3% to 83% complete. They all sit at 44 of 53 tasks completed. We saw 3 tasks completed and 2 tasks added this week.
  • The BR2 Ballistic is fully complete this week. Last week it was in polishing.

3.11.x ā€“ Q3+ 2020

No movement this week on the . This card remains the only card for 3.11.x.

3.12.0 ā€“ Q4 2020

The final quarterly patch decreased by 5% this week bringing it down to 42% overall completion. It had some additions.

  • Station System is new and appears to be the introduction of into the system to give it some new visuals. Gas Cloud tech is required for both the Pyro system and the gas giant planet Crusader and it's Orison landing platform.
  • Ship : was moved from 3.11 to 3.12. No progress from last week.
  • saw a 1% increase in completion bringing it to 79% complete. It sits at 52 of 66 tasks complete. We saw 1 task completed and 1 task added this week.
  • jumped up by 17% to 67% complete. It sits at 4 of 6 tasks completed. We saw 1 task completed this week.
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