Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0d Evocati Patch Notes Leak

Alpha Patch 3.11.0d has been released to Evocati, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.11.0-PTU.6080018.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\PTU.

Database Reset: NO
Long Term Persistence: Enabled
Starting aUEC: 15,000,000

The current build is under NDA

Please monitor etf-testing-chat in spectrum for updates and testing instructions.

USER.cfg settings: r_displaySessionInfo = 1

Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the “Testing Focus”. Please issue council all issues related to those in testing focus and in general gameplay.
Note: This build may be temporary and be brought down early depending on stability.

Testing Focus

  • New Cargo Decks
  • New Space Station layouts
  • BEHR BR2 Shotgun
  • BEHR Grenade Launcher
  • Front End Refactor
  • Exterior Space Station Green Zone Removal
  • Player and External Inventory Interactions
  • Throw T1
  • Force Reactions T1
  • Missile and Countermeasure Updates

Known Issues

  • Missile selection doesn’t always update properly
  • Player’s are able to fire their ships weapon within the Port Olisar’s Greenzone
  • Using EMP does not award the player with an Armistice Violation
  • Some clients are unable to connect to any pre-existing voice channels.
  • FOIP/Video feed showing players does not appear in the window during call
  • Attempting Automated Landing fails and freezes the ship in place indefinitely, till the landing gear is retracted.
  • Returning to the customizer after accepting changes will cause UI options to become unresponsive, forcing a client restart.
  • Boxes spawned around derelicts render in and out when the player is at relatively close distance
  • The player can die when moving to the center of the tram when it’s in transit
  • Some ships and vehicles can be left in a broken state after spawning
  • Tecia Pacheco does not play her dialogue lines during your first encounter following the appointment mission
  • Ships can be displayed as ‘unknown’ after destruction and be available to spawn again, but will not appear on their specified landing pad.
  • Global Chat text is not always displayed in mobiGlas or visor

Feature Updates


Exterior Space Station Green Zone Removal

The initial introduction of the relaxation of Green Zones will be removing the armistice zone around the exterior of Rest Stops and LEO Space Stations (Currently not in for Port Olisar). This update will allow players to fire ship weapons around Rest Stop exteriors (FPS weapons will still be locked) and comes with many updates to the law system and station defenses to help accommodate this.

Defenses of a few sizes and varieties have been added on and around the rest stops. These range from the small S4 turrets (now destructible) placed on landing pads, through S6 sentries seen in the Claim Jumpers missions, to ALL new S10 turrets on and around the perimeter of the stations. We have created a Security Response system which while still quite simplistic, adds the CrimeStats of all players in the area (we’re calling this internally the “heat”) and spawns security ships of increasing number and strength in response. The system responds quickly to increases in an area’s heat by spawning in new ships and despawning out any weaker ships they replace. The system responds slower to the killing of its own members (should the heat not be raised by this) and slower still to decreases in heat (to keep security patrolling for a time to ensure the threat doesn’t return any time soon). We will develop this system further in the future to also take into account the type of ship the players are using. A new infraction has been created called the Armistice Violation. This is a felony and is given should players damage other ships or station defenses within the Armistice Zone. It does have a grace period and allowance in which the player is warned that further infractions will result in a felony. For it the first implementation, this new infraction will only remain active on the player’s criminal record of 1 day. Should the player enter the Armistice zone while having a CrimeStat or gain a CrimeStat whilst within the zone, they will be shown a warning telling them to leave immediately.

Players attacked by any NPC or player valid to arrest them should have a start/reset arrest timer started on them. If the player then dies by any means whilst this timer is active, they will be arrested. This timer is ended should the player manage to quantum travel, and will be between one and three minutes, extended by level of engagement with the NPC. This is to get around the unfairness of being arrested simply because an actor valid to arrest you is nearby as now that actor would have had to have attacked you recently. Players are now briefly offered the option to press charges/forgive on crimes committed against them. This is defaulted to press charges for crime committed by non-party members and defaulted to forgive for party members should the notification be ignored. We have converted the indirect killing of players from homicide to the lesser crime of manslaughter in some cases. This includes crushing players with a vehicle, killing via triggering an explosion such as an explosive barrel or a ship-self-destruct. We have also made it manslaughter for every kill aboard a ship other than the pilot. Locking a missile on a ship will now count as hostility and allow that ship to attack you in self-defense. It will cause AI to attack and trigger an “Assaulting an Officer of the Law” infraction if done to law enforcement. Quantum snaring now only gives the player an infraction should they snare a ship and it will give one for every ship snared. Quantum dampening an actor the player has the right to arrest should no longer be a crime. Players should no longer be able to avoid security scans by getting out of their seat. We have fixed several ATC/pad loitering and impounding bugs to ensure the experience is more reliable and consistent. Pad ramming will now be ignored as a crime if committed by a party member. This is mainly to not punish party members for small bumps along the way. You’ll still be able to give a party member a crime stat if the pad ramming is so severe it ends with your death or ship destruction.

Player and External Inventory Interaction T0

Visually manage food, drink, mined rocks and harvested items stored in your personal inventory, moving them between your backpack and suit pockets and any external storage devices (such as the cargo access on certain vehicles). This adds context menus to items by using right click that will allow players to drop and split stacks of items. Players can now interact with the back cargo hold of the Greycat ROC to access its storage and transfer gems between it and the player’s inventory.

Throw T1

Improvements to grenade throwing to make it more accurate and reliable, as well as expanding the throwing mechanic to accommodate other objects in the world. Added option to throw items overhand (left click) or underhand (right click) as well as holding the corresponding button to prime the grenade before throwing by letting go of the button. We have also added an AR trajectory display when throwing grenades and other objects.

Force Reactions T1

Using the physics system, visible reactions are systemically triggered for Players and NPCs when punched, shot, and caught in explosions. Actors are made to lean when experiencing strong winds, or the G-forces of an accelerating ship, with extreme shifts in wind and ship velocity knocking actors down.

Missile and Countermeasure QOL improvements

We have made some changes to missiles and countermeasures aimed to improve and stabilize their use.

Missiles will react to all countermeasures again. Missiles will lose the lock during the locking process if the pilot does not keep the target in the locking cone. Missiles do not have perfect target knowledge anymore. Fixed missile selection keybinds. Added missile selection HUD widget. Players can select which missiles they launch by cycling, which is shown on the HUD (currently unbound, but bindable in keybinds menu). Players can only simultaneously lock missiles of the same type if equipped to multiple racks, with 4 max.

For countermeasures, player now either launch decoys or deploys noise fields. A decoy is a projectile that emits a very strong signal to spoof missiles (works on all seekers). A noise field is a limited jamming space which affects all kinds of sensor readouts (including the launching ship if contained in the field). Removed seeker specific countermeasure handling. Replaced countermeasure keybinds. Updated VFX for countermeasures to the new effects system. Added countermeasure ammo counter to HUD. Extended missile warning HUD widgets with shortest time to impact display for each incoming seeker type. Slightly rebalanced all countermeasures so big ships, like the Carrack, have less ammo per launcher but heavier countermeasure projectiles with longer effects.

Adjusted AI spawn rates for scavenging missions and adjusted bonus reward when encountering AI on these missions.

Temporarily removed Gin & tonic from bar menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Spawning at Area 18 with a Male Character should no longer cause the player to have 0 health and be unable to move.
  • Greycat ROC should no longer appear as @vehicle_NameGRIN_ROC Localized Text in ASOP, VMA and on the Vehicle NavMarker.
  • Two Exit options should no longer appear when player presses [F] in the cockpit of the P52 Merlin to exit.
  • Cancel button to stop searching for a match in Arena Command and Star Marine should now function.
  • MISC Reliant should now correctly cover its turrets.
  • AEGS Retaliator shields should now cover the lower thrusters
  • BANU Defender shields should now cover the exterior door.
  • Factory Line Employees in New Babbage should no longer A-Pose when viewed at a distance.
  • Chaff and Flare VFX should now correctly display on all ships when used.
  • Players should no longer be able to interact with Delivery Locker screens from a great distance.
  • Freelancer series should no longer pitch downwards on takeoff.
  • Buccaneer should no longer pitch upwards on takeoff.
  • MISC Reliant series should no longer pitch upwards on takeoff.
  • Prison repair O2 kiosk mission should now correctly offer information regarding the location of target kiosk inside the Work Mines.
  • Direct calls with another player should no longer immediately end and show the call ending ui.
  • The intractable items such as cups, magazines, and teddy’s should no longer be missing from habs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to sell Commodities and Mineable resources at any distance while the ship was occupied by another player.
  • Ore deposit terminals in prison should now be able to be interacted with again.
  • Fixed an issue causing terminal screens to turn black after being interacted with and remain non-functional.
  • The call elevator button in the Area18 and Lorville hangars should now function correctly.
  • Back button on the trading app should now go back to the correct screen if the cursor has not been moved from previous clicks.
  • Multi-Tool should now be stored in LTP correctly and persist between resets.
  • Players with a crime stat should no longer become trapped at a Rest Stop by turrets attacking their empty ships.
  • Frosted visor should no longer remain after players have respawned and wiped the visor.


  • Fixed 5 Client crashes
  • Fixed 3 Server crashes
  • Main Thread Deadlock Fix

Sources and credits

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