Star Citizen Roadmap Update October 9th, 2020

Another somewhat busy week for Star Citizen regulars. We had 3 PTU patches since last roadmap update: 3.11.0n, 3.11.0o, and 3.11.0p. 3.11.0 was pushed to the live servers on October 8th. Here are the initial patch patch notes. Another bug fix patch (3.11.0q) was pushed to live on the 9th.

We [finally] saw that Squadron 42 video.

3.11.0 – Q3 2020

As mentioned above, this patch hit live this week.

3.11.x – Q3+ 2020

The Mercury Star Runner is still the only card for this mid-quarter patch. This week the highly anticipated MSR dropped by 2% to 93% overall. It sits at 108 of 116 tasks completed. This week we saw 2 tasks added and none completed. This is likely due to most of the team(s) being devoted to the last-minute rush to complete the Origin 100 series.

3.12.0 – Q4 2020

The final update for the year didn’t have much activity but let’s take a look.

  • Object Push and Pull inched up by 1% bringing it to 58% complete. It sits at 7 of 12 tasks complete. This is a bit of an oddball – it appears 2 tasks were removed from this card and one of them was completed.
  • Elevator Panel Updates dipped by 4% this week bringing it down to 23% complete. It sits at 3 of 13 tasks complete. We saw 2 tasks added this week.

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