Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0 Released

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0 has rolled out to the live servers. There’s a lot of changes and it is recommended players read the 3.11.0 patch notes in full. Here’s a quick run-down of additions and changes players can expect. Seriously, read the patch notes for the full details because there is too much to really brief on. Don’t be that guy who asks for a quick brief and then attempts to play and fails miserably with the changes.

Origin 100 series

The Origin 100 series has been released. The line-up includes:

  • Origin 100i which is a light explorer.
  • Origin 125a which is a compact fighter.
  • Origin 135c which is a cargo shuttle.

Cargo Decks

Cargo decks have been added to most major space stations. They are the new go-to location for things like hauling supplies, ship rentals, and anything cargo-related.

Changes to Armistice zones and Green Zones

It is highly recommended to read the 3.11.0 patch notes for this one.

There are now no more armistice zones around many (but not all) landing zones and points of interest such as R&R stations. This isn’t necessarily carte blanche to just shoot whoever or whatever you want.. there are consequences.. in the form of several S10 turrets. In testing an Aegis Hammerhead can tank a single shot from a S10 turret – the second shot will destroy the ship!

Force Reactions

You might want to take a seat next time you are onboard a ship while it is underway.. if the ship pulls any hard turns or experiences acceleration forces you may find yourself thrown to the floor!

Getting shot will also impart the projectile’s force upon your body. Getting shot sucks. Don’t do that.

Improvements to Planetary Art & Geology

Geology and other natural art for planetary surfaces got a pass to look more natural.

New shotgun and grenade launcher

Two new weapon options from the folks over at Behring.

The Behring BR-2 Shotgun gives you a new semi-auto shotgun which is ideal in tight spaces.

The Behring GP-33 Grenade Launcher is a new type of weapon which will absolutely shake things up.

Improvements to Throwing mechanics

New options for throwing objects such as underarm, overarm, and two-handed throwing. This doesn’t just affect grenades…

Improvements to Prison Gameplay

New commissary items and mechanics are available in Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen. There’s also rumor of other escape options.

Improvements to the User Interface

The front end menus have been reworked with new menu tech.

Inventory management has been improved and gives user a grid-based drag and drop option.

Sources and credits

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