Star Citizen Roadmap Update August 7th, 2020

It’s been a busy week for Star Citizen fans. Alpha 3.10.0 came out of PTU and went live on the 5th. This came after two patches from last week’s update. See 3.10.0u patch notes and 3.10.0v patch notes. Be sure to check out the changes to controls for 3.10 – a lot changed from 3.9 due to, largely, changes in how targetting mechanics work.

Let’s take a look at this week’s Star Citizen Roadmap update.

3.11.0 – Q3 2020

3.11.0 saw a bit of progress this week, increasing by 5% to 30% overall. We did see Object Push and Pull moved to 3.12.0. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Space Station – Cargo Deck increased by 6% to 72% complete and sits at 34 of 47 tasks completed with 3 tasks completed this week.
  • Improved Throw jumped up by 2% to 71%. It saw 2 tasks completed and one new task added. Improved Throw sits at 42 of 59 tasks completed.
  • The Origin 100i decreased by 4% and now sits at 57% complete for the week. It saw such a decrease because 2 additional tasks were added and no tasks were completed. It sits at 20 of 35 tasks complete.
  • The Mercury Star Runner saw a solid 17% increase bringing it to 43% complete. This week 19 tasks were completed bringing it to 49 of 115 tasks complete.
  • The Behring BR2 Ballistic Shotgun jumped up by 28% bringing it to 57% complete. It sits at 4 of 7 tasks complete.

3.12.0 – Q4 2020

Q4’s release took a hit on overall progress this week by 12%. It now sits at 36% complete, down from last week’s progress of 48%. Let’s take a look as to why…

  • Station-based Refining decreased by 2% bringing it to 63% overall. It saw 1 task completed but 3 tasks added. Station-based Refining now sits at 40 of 63 tasks remaining.
  • Weapon Zeroing – TO returned to “in Development” from “in polishing”. It now sits at 80% complete and 4 of 5 tasks completed. It previously had 4 of 4 tasks complete.
  • Object Push and Pull moves to 3.12 from 3.11 and brings with it 5 uncompleted tasks. It currently sits at 0% complete. Development started on it this week.

This week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen shows off several upcoming features to include fire and fire propagation, foliage interaction, and the Crusader Star Lifter and Mercury Star Runner. It’s worth checking out if you have about 15 minutes.

That’s about it for this week. We saw some interesting leaks from the SC Leaks team of the most recent Idris build. Most of the interior appears to be complete.

We also published an in-depth article on Drug Smuggling in Star Citizen which is definitely worth a read if you are looking to spice up your trade runs – TLDR; it is actually worth the effort and time, especially if you don’t own a massive cargo hauler.

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