Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0 Controls

There were a lot of changes to controls for Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0. Here they are for your reference!

Changes includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Lock / Unlock pinned target (Tap 1-3)
  • Pin / Unpin Selected Target (LAlt+1-3)
  • Cycle Lock Forward Target Attackers (4)
  • Hostiles (5)
  • Friendlies (6)
  • All (7)
  • Sub-Target (8)
  • Cycle Lock Forward or Under Reticle (T)
  • Cycle Selection Forward (R)


  • VJoy style controls have been added and set to default (Keybind “Q” swaps between VJoy and relative mouse mode)
  • Added ESP to turrets (Keybind “E” to enable/disable)
  • Gyro Mode (Press “G” to enable/disable)
  • Customizable turret velocity limiter (LShift enables and W/S/Mousewheel to change limits)
  • Combined/staggered fire mode (Keybind “V” to Swap between)
  • Holding down “C” will automatically re-center the turret.


  • Enable / Disable look ahead is now LAlt+L by default
  • Enable look ahead has been unbound by default (used to be on LAlt+R)
  • Enabled look ahead for horizon and look ahead target tracking by default
  • Gimbal mode has moved from R to G
  • Countermeasures have moved from G and H to H and J
  • VTOL toggle has moved from J to K
  • Ship lights have moved from T to L (on foot is still T).
  • Toggle all doors and Lock all doors have been unbound by default (used to be on K and L)
  • Jettison Mineable Cargo keybind has been changed to LAlt+J to avoid a conflict with the new targeting keybinds

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