Star Citizen Roadmap Update October 23rd 2020

A somewhat slow week for Star Citizens. Evocati got a patch (3.11.1) primarily to test out the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo location in New Babbage. Sorry, no mention of the highly anticipated Mercury Star Runner.

Some cards were moved off of 3.12. Mention was made of a 3.13 which would indicate that the Pyro system and possibly server meshing will not be a thing until Q2 2021 at the earliest.

3.11.x – Q3+ 2020

The Mercury Star Runner holds for a second week in a row at 93% complete and still sits at 108 of 116 tasks completed. I would imagine there is an internal scramble to get the IAE and its assets completed. There have been rumors the MSR may be a free fly during the IAE scheduled for mid-to-late November. Time will tell.

3.12.0 – Q4 2020

The final update for the year had 3 new cards added, 1 card renamed, and 4 cards pulled from it. Overall the patch progressed by 1% from last week bringing it to 49% completed overall. Lots changed so let’s dive in.

  • Mystery Armor was pushed back to 3.13. Reasoning was that artists originally assigned to it were needed for priority work for Squadron 42. This pushed the projected completion of it too close to branch day for it to be committed to. And no, it isn’t the Titan Suit. Although it was said that it requires new clothing tech.
  • Stanton System Spacescaping – Nudged up by 3% bringing it to 48% complete. It sits at 16 of 33 tasks completed. This week saw 2 tasks completed and 2 tasks added.
  • Space Station – Refinery Deck jumped up by 9% bringing it to 70%. It sits at 54 of 77 tasks completed. This week we saw 24 tasks completed and 28 tasks added.
  • Ship AI: Hazard Awareness and Avoidance was removed from 3.12.0 with no projected date of being reimplemented.
  • Vehicle Entry Identification is a new card. This will provide the player with dynamic markers which indicate entry points for their vehicle(s) when in close proximity to the vehicle. The card just started but is already 50% complete with 1 of 2 tasks completed.
  • Station-based Refining went up by 2% bringing it to 83% complete. It sits at 57 of 69 tasks complete. This week we saw 1 task completed.
  • Object Push and Pull was moved to 3.13 citing lack of time to get it to a viable release candidate before branch day.
  • Elevator Panel Updates dipped by 2% this week taking it down to 29% complete. It sits at 4 of 14 tasks completed. We saw 1 task added this week.
  • Death Animation Improvements was pulled from 3.12.0 citing Force Reactions causing a drain on progress for this card. It has no projected return date.
  • The Esperia Talon and Esperia Talon Shrike both went up by 16% this week and both sit at 62% complete. Like the Origin 100 series, these two are being designed and developed in tandem and should remain that way until they are complete. They sit at 18 of 29 tasks complete. This week we saw 6 tasks completed and 3 tasks added.
  • The Behring FS-9 LMG was added to 3.12.0. Development started this week and it sits at 0% complete with 5 projected tasks.
  • The Gemini AO3 Sniper Rifle was added to 3.12.0. Development started this week and it sits at 0% complete with 6 projected tasks.
  • The Grin Multi-Tool Tractor Beam Attachment was renamed from Multi-Tool Tractor Beam – T0. This card went up 7% and now sits at 50% complete. It has 7 of 14 tasks completed. We saw 1 task completed this week.
  • Server-to-Client Actor Networking Rework was removed. The explanation is that this isn’t really a card and that work is being done on it with every update.

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