Star Citizen Roadmap Update July 10th 2020

3.10.0 – Q2 2020

We made it… to 100%! The bartender is now complete. Everything is now in polishing. Over the past week we’ve seen 3.10.0i and 3.10.0j go to Evocati testers. Both patches were mostly polishing but there are a few interesting additions/developments to each and some leaks which show how the new targeting methodology actually works.

We did actually get a 100% complete new addition to 3.10: Player Trading App. We’ve known about it for a while and CIG commonly adds features to patches without adding them to the roadmap. It’ll allow players to send and receive aUEC with a “small” service feed. No longer will we rely on transport beacons to send aUEC to other players! From the Roadmap Roundup for this week:

Players can easily select people in their current party or members of their friends list, or if they need to trade with someone outside of that, they can use a filtered search.

Roadmap Roundup – July 10th, 2020

Not on the roadmap but confirmed with Evocati leaks is Visor Wiping! Players will be able to wipe moisture, condensation, fog from the outside of their visor. The default key mapping for this will be LShift+Z. While we don’t currently have any leaks to demonstration just how well a gloved wipe might be, it is certainly and improvement and welcomed quality of life improvement. Now if we could get windshield wipers on cockpit windows we would really be cooking with gas.

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Rumor mill time…

Rumor and logic has it that PTU is right around the corner with 3.10.0 being in polishing across the board. 3.10.0j released to Evocati yesterday and the talk on the SC Leaks Discord that it is a worthy candidate for a wave 1 PTU. We will likely find out Monday.

On a side note with another rumor: There’s a rumor floating around a 3.10.0 item may get dropped. The only hints Hater from the SC Leaks Discord provided are 1) it is not the bartender and 2) it’s a feature they don’t have a lot of leaked screenshots for. Here’s where I start my speculation into it so take what follows for 3.10.0 with a grain of salt.

I believe it could be Thruster Efficiency Curves and Aerodynamics. Why? Everything for 3.10.0 is in polishing – at a state where bugs which exist could be resolved but the item is feature complete. The changes to the flight model are something which, from Evocati leaks, have not been described as a positive change. With the flight model being a huge point of contention for the player community, it would make sense for CIG to pull it from 3.10.0 if it isn’t receiving positive feedback from Evocati play testers.

Plus it is hard to get screenshots of the flight model changes.

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3.11.0 – Q3 2020

3.11.0 jumped a solid 4% in progress and is now sitting at 20%. Here is a breakdown of what changed:

  • Space Station – Cargo Deck jumped up 15% with 6 tasks completed this week and 20 remaining.
  • Improved Throw slid up another 6% with 4 tasks completed this week and 2 additional tasks added. It sits at 53% and has 25 tasks remaining.
  • The Origin 100i raced up a solid 21% and sits at 60% complete with 7 tasks completed and 2 tasks added. It has 12 tasks remaining.
  • Work started on the Origin 125a and Origin 135c. Both ships are at 12% completed with 3 out of 25 tasks complete.
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