Leak: New Targetting Methodology

Star Citizen has a new targetting methodology due out with 3.10. It’s currently on the Evocati test builds and the leaked patch notes were the only insight we had into what that means for Star Citizen players. Now we have video courtesty of SC Leaks!

You may want to full screen this as the video was recorded in an ultra widescreen format.

One of the changes which isn’t immediately apparent is the behavior of the weapon gimbal status. Watching that video you will notice the center reticle/crosshair moves slowly onto the target. Once the reticle/crosshair is over the target, the gimbals are locked onto the target. This will make the lock status of gimbals much more clear and should help when engaging larger targets that do not require as much targeting precision.

It doesn’t stop there – new vector ribbons

We are getting new ways of targets being displayed with additional useful information. The images below show ribbons which show where the targeted ship traveled to get to where it was. How long these ribbons are has yet to be determined. Word on the street is that the ribbon will be optional and can be toggled off likely via a game settings option.

And new scanner appearance

Additionally, we are getting a new scanner methodology that should clarify what you are scanning by providing a highlighted outline around whatever it is that you are scanning. This should greatly improve accuracy when scanning closely packed ships.


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