Star Citizen Roadmap Update June 26th 2020

Credit goes to odysseus1992 – You may need to click the image to see the full size.

3.10.0 – Q2 2020

3.10 is still in Evocati but pretty much complete and sitting at 99%. Everything except the following is at 100%

  • NPC Improvements: Bartender – Bumped up by 8% to 86% complete with 12 tasks remaining. This item hasn’t yet been a testing focus in Evocati tests. Leaks from the test indicate that the bartender is in the Evocati builds currently. No further information about these new NPC additions yet.
  • New Targetting Methodology – Holding at 82% with 14 out of 17 tasks complete. No further information about the new targetting has been released.

Weapons were all wrapped up this week.

3.11.0 – Q3 2020

Overall progress on 3.11 holds at 16% this week. The hold isn’t due to lack of progress but addition of tasks. Let’s take a look:

  • Space Station: Cargo Deck – Sees a drop of 7% progress due to 5 additional tasks being added with no tasks being completed. This item has 21 tasks remaining now.
  • Improved Throw sees a 1% increase in progress with 3 tasks completed but 5 tasks added. This item currently has 27 tasks remaining.
  • Death Animation Improvements started this week and is sitting at 0% complete with 4 tasks remaining.
  • The Origin 100i increased progress by 4% and saw 2 tasks complete with 3 tasks added.
  • The Behring GP-33 Grenade Launcher decreased by 1% due to one added task bringing it to 17 completed tasks and now 15 tasks remaining.

3.12 or 4.0?

Nobody outside of CIG knows for sure. It’ll largely depend on whether or not the Pyro system is ready for release by Q4 2020. The hopeful gamer in me says it will be ready. Until we know for sure, the roadmap is looking pretty empty. What are your thoughts – let us know in the comments below!


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