How to remove Crime Stat in Star Citizen


Are you being chased by bounty hunters across the Stanton system? Are you being denied landing permissions at every major port? Are the security patrols giving you grief and opening fire the moment they see you? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have a crimestat.

Here at we do not care how or why you have crimestat. We understand it’s so easy to get it. We understand that nobody wants to go spend HOURS banging rocks together like space cavemen in the Kleischer Rehabilitation Facility. So here is how to set things straight and remove your crime stat in Star Citizen.

PSSST… over here! I heard you might like less-than-legal activities. You should check out Yuka’s guide to Drug Smuggling in Star Citizen if you have a few minutes.

Step 1: Acquire a Hack Tool

There are four places to pick one of these up in Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.1 (If playing a later version, your mileage on this info may vary).

Source: 3.9 Live Star Citizen Trading & Items Sheet

Based on the above image, there are 4 different hack tools with 4 different locations to purchase hack tools. I always go with the Re-Authorizer as it is the most stable but not the fastest. I’d rather have it take a longer time to run with fewer interruptions. If you prefer to camp the hack terminal and pay attention to it more instead of watching the door for anyone trying to kill you, then you can go with one of the faster but less stable options. The Re-Authorizer is also the only hack tool available at all 4 locations.

These items are consumed when used so you may want to pick up a few. They are pretty handy to have in your inventory and they persist until use in your global inventory. You can also drop them and give them to another player who might need it.

Step 2: Travel to a Security Terminal

Currently there are 4 locations with Security Terminals which can be hacked to remove crime stat in Star Citizen 3.9.1. Those locations are:

  • Security Post Kareah (Stanton → Crusader → Cellin → Security Post Kareah in Orbit around Cellin)
  • MT DataCenter 4HJ-LVE-A (Stanton → MicroTech → MT DataCenter 4HJ-LVE-A) – Apparently there are more locations on MicroTech but I haven’t confirmed.
  • Security Depot Lyria-1 (Stanton → ArcCorp → Lyria Security Depot Lyria-1)
  • Security Post Hurston-1 (Stanton → Hurston → Security Post Hurston-1)

A few notes about the locations:

Security Post Kareah (Sometimes shortened to ‘SPK’) is fairly open and easy to get to. This makes it dangerous if you are being pursued by bounty hunters because unless you’ve taken certain measures they have a marker over your head wherever you go. The room where you hack the terminal is in the center of the station and is fairly open with plenty of angles to be shot at from. If you have someone watching your back then SPK isn’t a bad place to go to get in and get out quickly.

MT DataCenter 4HJ-LVE-A is a datacenter bunker on MicroTech. It is guarded by turrets and up to 6 NPC security guards. Entering the facility and killing the guards will incur additional crimes against you. There is a terminal which can be hacked to removed crimes just like Security Post Kareah. NOTE: As of 3.10.0 TMG-XEV-2 no longer has a security terminal to hack and is now guarded and restricted.

Security Depot Lyria-1 & Security Post Hurston-1 both are on the surface of their respective planet/moon. Both are guarded by turrets which will fire on you regardless of your crime stat rating. Both are surrounded by a no trespass zone which will incur felony trespassing charges for loitering too long. Both are guarded by eight NPC security guards which will fire on you for entering the facility. Every security guard you kill will give you a homicide charge. I have heard of players rushing past the guards without killing them but this is a huge risk because if you are killed by them you will end up in prison. The hacking terminal is located in a lab in the basement of the facility.

Step 3: Hack the Security Terminal to remove your charges

  1. Once you arrive at the security terminal you will pull out your hack tool by pressing the default key ‘4’. (It must be equipped first via your mobiglass to a utility slot.)
  2. Find the card slot on the terminal (It’ll highlight orange/yellow when you look at it) and hold ‘F’ and select ‘Insert Chip’.
  3. Follow along on the terminal screen to start the hack. This process will continue with a few interruptions which require you (or even a buddy) to interact with and resume the initial hack.
  4. Once the initial hack is completed, each crime/infraction will have to be removed individually providing a reason why the crime is being expunged. Each charge removal will be followed by a 1-2 minute cool down before the next charge can be removed.
  5. This process will continue until all charges are removed.

As you can see, this process can take a while depending on how many charges you have. It’s absolutely a nail-biting situation for some.


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Microtech > Calliope > Shubin Processing Facility SPMC-1 personally confirmed as viable Security Terminal hack