Star Citizen Alpha Evocati 3.10.f Patch Notes

Alpha Patch 3.10.0f has been released to Evocati, and is now available to test!   Patch should now show: VERSION 3.10.0-PTU.5498076.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\PTU.

Database Reset: NO

Long Term Persistence: Enabled

The current build is under NDA

Please monitor etf-megachat in spectrum for updates and testing instructions.

USER.cfg settings:

r_displaySessionInfo = 1

Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing.  When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the “Testing Focus”.  Please issue council all issues related to those in testing focus and in general gameplay.

Testing Focus

  • Ship flight in and out of atmosphere
  • Updated building blocks ship UI for all flyable ships.
  • High speed combat changes
  • Turret gameplay
  • Origin M50 Improvements
  • Electron FPS Weapons and Electron Damage
  • Body Dragging
  • Citizen Trading App
  • Grin ROC Mining Vehicle

Known Issues

  • Landing tunnels generated by ATC sometimes do not appear. (Workaround: Currently New Babbage is the safest option to take off from)
  • Outside of the designated flight path the autopilot takes control and will fly’s the player into the ground and never releases control to the player
  • Players body is missing after being cleaned up by ATC (Workaround: Respawning your character should make your character reappear)
  • Turrets around both Lawful and Unlawful UGFs are do not engage and shoot the player’s ship
  • Objective does not update after user arrives at the Hurston System derelicts to pick up a box
  • There is no atmosphere in Port Olisar’s Casaba Outlet / Garrity Defense / Live Fire Weapons shops
  • Client will crash when attempting to charge an EMP within a ship
  • The Area18 nav marker will appear at the central plaza, not the spaceport.
  • All map markers are offset from planet surfaces
  • Proximity chat audio is very quiet and low quality
  • Legally landed ships may be impounded
  • AI NPCs will stand on seats in various locations
  • Multi-Tool in Klescher Prison Commissary does not come with a OreBit mining attachment
  • If the player exits to menu/disconnects/crashes during the prison load screen transition their load-out will not be changed
  • Player may get stuck on a loading screen when leaving prison or respawning
  • Player may get stuck on a prison loading screen if sent back to prison a second time without clearing their crime stat
  • When going into ADS and crouching / prone you will be unable to see through the optics scope on the Arrowhead or P6-LR
  • Freelook does not always work properly in turrets
  • Turrets ignore power setting
  • Players may fall out of turrets and clip through geometry when exiting them with the female model (Workaround: Avoid choosing the female model for now)
  • Turret projectiles and fixed weapon fire is slightly desynced so hits may appear to not register but do
  • Gyro mode does not work on certain “underside” turrets
  • Exiting a remote turret from the pilot seat will activate freelook for the pilot. Press Z to deactivate freelook to continue normally
  • Player will be unable to control the movement of Super Hornet using mouse Controls after Exiting the Remote Turret using Interaction Mode

New Features


Player Trading App

  • We are introducing the first iteration of the Player Trading App onto the mobiGlas. This first implementation will allow players to immediately send in-game aUEC and Merits to another player regardless if they are on or offline or on a different server and will require a percentage tax of the transfer amount to process.

Ships and Vehicles

Added: Grin ROC (Remote Ore Collector) Mining Vehicle

  • By focusing on the essentials of terrestrial-based mining, Greycat Industrial designed their hardworking, no-nonsense ROC (Remote Ore Collector) to complement the miners who use it. From its precision gimbaled mining arm to its all-terrain wheels, this solo-operated vehicle shows how important it is to have the right tool for the job.
  • The Greycat Industrial ROC (Remote Ore Collector) is a ground vehicle designed to mine larger crystalline mineral nodes that are just beyond the reach of a hand tool. This single seat vehicle is small enough to be transported in ships such as the Cutlass Black, Freelancer and Valkyrie allowing you to take it to the newly added mineables that are scattered around planet and moon surfaces in the PU.

Feature Updates


  • Lighting Polish Pass on High Tech Hangars in New Babbage.
  • Added Origin 890j and 600i to ship shops in the PU.


  • Added Underground Facilities Missions around microTech and its moons.
  • Added a limit to player turn speed while dragging a body.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Polish pass on Dragonfly and Nox handling and increased speed.

Weapons and Items

KLWE Mass Driver S1-3 Ship Weapons Rework

  • Visual rework of the original Sledge Series Mass Driver ship weapons. Players can buy these in game at various shops in the PU.

Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer quickly lose health and die when spawning into the PU.
  • Fixed decoupled flight so its accelerations are consistent with coupled.
  • There should no longer be a small dot in the center of the screen at all times.
  • The Player Status Widgets should no longer appear deformed/squashed.
  • Players screens should no longer appear to flip rapidly while spline jumping.
  • Targeted vehicle silhouette should no longer display when in 3rd person view.
  • VOIP Call UI should now show the correct distance between the two players when making a video call.
  • Fixed bug where boost was enabled on all ground vehicles that were not intended to have it.
  • Fixed missing Origin ships from Arena Commander REC rentals.
  • Surface raindrops / slush effects should now spawn correctly on player helmets.


  • Fixed 8 Client crashes
  • Fixed 5 Server crashes


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