Star Citizen Roadmap Update November 20th, 2020

It’s a big week for Star Citizens. The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo “week” kicks off today. We saw PTU patches 3.11.1g, and 3.11.1h followed by LIVE patch 3.11.1a which brings in the IAE content.

3.11.1 – Q3+ 2020

This incremental patch for 3.11.1 brings us the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, the Mercury Star Runner, and the Consolidated Outland Nomad.

3.12.0 – Q4 2020

The final quarterly update has seen some changes but no overall progress. It holds at 80% complete.

  • Reputation V1 – Reputation/Org Service dipped by 2% overall taking it down to 89% complete. It sits at 32 of 36 tasks completed. We saw 1 task completed and 2 tasks added this week.
  • Mining UI Refactor is in polishing as of this week. It saw an 11% increase bringing it to 100% complete.
  • Station-based Refining inched forward by 2% bringing it to 99% complete. It sits at 68 of 69 tasks completed. This week we saw 1 task completed.
  • The Grin Multi-Tool Tractor Beam Attachment decreased by 5% bringing it back to 64% complete. It now sits at 18 of 28 tasks completed. This week we saw 2 tasks added.
  • Elevator Panel Updates saw a dip of 12% bringing it down to 61% complete. It sits at 11 of 18 tasks completed. This week we saw 3 tasks added.
  • The Esperia Talon series dipped by 2% bringing it down to 52% complete. It sits at 26 of 50 tasks completed. We saw 2 tasks added this week.
  • The Behring FS-9 LMG went up by 7% bringing it to 67% complete. It sits at 4 of 6 tasks completed. We saw 1 task completed and 1 task added this week.

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