Star Citizen Roadmap Update July 31st, 2020

3.10.0 Q2 2020

This week, we still see 3.10 in PTU. The waves have expanded to include all players. We’ve seen a lot of fine-tuning and tweaking with 4 patches pushed this week. (See: 3.10.0q patch notes, 3.10.0r patch notes, 3.10.0s patch notes, and 3.10.0t patch notes.

A CIG Staffer, Zyloh-CIG, said the patch would be going live early or mid next week. That would make this patch 5 weeks behind schedule.

3.11.0 Q3 2020

We see an overall increase in progress by 3% this week for 3.11.0. Let’s take a look:

  • Space Station – Cargo Deck jumps up by 9% to 66%. It sees 6 tasks completed this week and 1 task added. It sits at 31 of 47 tasks complete as of this week.
  • Improved Throw gains some ground by 7% bringing it to 69% complete overall. It saw 5 tasks completed and 2 more tasks added this week. Overall it sits at 40 of 58 tasks complete.
  • The Origin 100i drops by 2% this week bringing it to 61% complete. The reason for the drop is 1 task being completed but 3 tasks being added this week. It now sits at 20 of 33 tasks complete.
  • The Behring BR2 Ballistic Shotgun was added and started this week. It starts out its first week at 29% complete with 2 of 7 tasks complete. The photo above is the BR2 shotgun for reference.

3.12.0 Q4 2020

The Q4 release sees an overall drop this week of 2% bringing it down to 48% complete. Let’s take a look:

  • Station-based Refining drops by 9% this week bringing it to 65% complete. It saw no tasks completed but 7 tasks added this week. It sits at 39 of 60 tasks complete.
  • Weapon Zeroing was at 100% last week but moves into polishing this week.

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