Star Citizen Roadmap Update July 2nd 2020

3.10.0 – Q2 2020

Like last week (and the week before that and the week before that week…), 3.10 is still in and is still sitting at 99%. We saw 3.10.0g hit Evocati on June 30th followed by 3.10.0h on July 2nd. However we did see these changes via the roadmap:

3.11.0 – Q3 2020

3.11 is holding steady at 16% but did see some changes.

  • decreased by 1% to 14% complete due to one additional task being added. It still has 18 tasks remaining.
  • Station – decreased by 2% to 32% complete due to six additional tasks being added with one task being completed. It still has 26 tasks remaining.
  • increased by 2% to 47% with two more tasks completed but two tasks also added. It still has 27 tasks remaining.
  • saw an increase by 3% and sits at 39% remaining. One task on this was completed with no additional tasks added.


  • Roadmap Roundup – July 2nd, 2020
  • Photo Credit: u/shadyfanteck (
  • Roadmap Infographic Credit: u/Odysseus1992 (
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