Star Citizen Roadmap Update June 19th, 2020

This week is a fairly short Roadmap Roundup. Just a mention of polishing occurring to push the 3.10 release into getting ready for the PTU.

3.10.0 – Q2 2020

This week for 3.10 we’ve seen the following progress:

  • GrimHex Improvements and New Babbage Shop Additions are at 100% completion.
  • Heightmap Improvements has been completed.
  • Law System v2: Impoundment Improvements – also complete.
  • Electron Damage = 100%
  • Turret and Gunnery improvements has been completed.
  • Body Dragging, also done. Time to stack those bodies in your Cutlass and then offer rides to anyone asking for them to create awkward gameplay loops!
  • Ship HUD Rework is completed. Praise Space Jesus!
  • The Bartender saw a 3% increase to 78% with 19 tasks remaining.
  • The Gemini C54 Ballistic SMG saw a 7% increase to 86% with 4 tasks remaining.
  • New Targetting Methodology holds at 82% with 3 tasks remaining.
  • The Lightning Bolt Co. Atzkav Electron Sniper Rifle (Whew, what a mouthful, seriously) sits still at 84% with 4 tasks remaining.
  • The Lighting Bolt Co. Yubarev Electron Pistol (serious CIG? What is with the names?) holds tight at 77% with 6 tasks remaining.
  • The Klaus & Werner Sledge Mass Driver Revision is also at 77% with 7 tasks remaining.

Overall 3.10.0 is sitting at 95% complete and is still in Evocati phase of testing. The latest release, as of this post, for the Evocati was 3.10.0c which posted late yesterday.

3.11.0 – Q3 2020

3.11 didn’t see much progress this week… Only a measly 1% overall increase.

  • The Refinery Deck item went up by 15% progress with 17 tasks remaining. Work on it started last week.
  • Cargo Deck saw a 2% decrease with one task being finished but 4 more added.
  • Improved Throw saw a 4% increase with 2 tasks being completed.
  • Everything else remained the same.

Progress on 3.11 seems slow. We did see some great video on the Refinery Deck via SC Leaks. But the problem is the community is giving CIG an excuse to use as a crutch and that excuse this week is “The devs are working on the Evocati and PTU patches.” That is a problem for me because of staggered development.

If I remember correctly, wasn’t staggered development supposed to prevent this exact type of slowdown from happening? Wasn’t it implemented so a team could be assigned to, say, 3.10 items and focus on those items while another team works 3.11 items independently of the 3.10 team? Or is CIG back to pooling all developer resources into the ongoing development focus? It sure seems like it.

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