Star Citizen Auto Landing Guide

Star Citizen Auto Landing Guide

Star Citizen has a lot of great features that aren’t well-documented.  In Star Citizen Auto Landing can be a mystery to some, especially in Alpha 2.0 where a lot of features aren’t apparent, such as playing in the same instance with friends or Star Citizen Flight Modes.

A lot of players suffer damage because they land too hard.  Luckily, the auto landing feature is not only safe but also very quick.  By using it, it takes away a lot of the challenge out of landing and cleans up the landing pads.

Star Citizen Auto Landing Guide

The steps are fairly simple and work almost anywhere with proper landing pads.  It may not work at some outposts on moons or planets that have landing pads but it’s worth a shot at the very least.

  1. Approach the landing area.  Request landing if required.  To request a landing pad: Press F11, click the “Friends” button and find the landing area’s landing services or “ATC” contact and hail it.  Once the communication window comes and goes, you’ll be assigned a landing pad with a wrench icon on it.  You may have to fly closer and above the landing pads before the wrench icon appears.
  2. Approach your landing pad or hangar.
  3. Lower your landing gear.  Default key is ‘N‘.
  4. Begin descending.
  5. Once you are within ~20 meters of the landing pad, hold the ‘N‘ key to engage autoland.  If it does not engage double-check your landing gear is down and deployed.  If it is deployed, then descend further.
  6. Once autopilot is engaged, you’ll lose control of your ship and get an audible voice alert: “Autopilot engaged”
  7. Once landed you’ll receive a second alert saying “Landing complete”.

That’s it.  As easy as that!  Enjoy your landed ship.  It is highly recommended to kill power to your ship by pressing the ‘I’ key.  This will prevent any weird bugs where your ship flies off by itself.

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Sweet guide. Thanks for explaining what RSI sucks at … user guides…