Star Citizen Flight Modes

Star Citizen Flight Modes

Flight Modes

Currently, there are 3 flight modes.  To change between flight modes, a player must press the ‘V’ key.  There are three flight modes, PRE, SCM, and CRU.  Here they are in greater detail.

Precision Mode [PRE]

Your ship will start off in this mode on the landing pad.  PRE limits the ship to 50 m/s max velocity.  This mode is used for landing and “taxiing” around stations at a low speed so you don’t run into obstacles.  While not a requirement for enabling landing mode, it is highly recommended as throttling up with this mode enabled is a LOT more forgiving than the other two modes.

Pressing V while in PRE will toggle the ship into..

Sub-Cruise Mode [SCM]

This will allow your ship to fly at whatever it’s max speed is.  Each ship has a different speed.  This flight mode is ideal for combat as it allows an optimal speed and agility for manuevering.

SCM is the decision point for what flight mode is next:  If a ship is at 50% throttle or less and the pilot presses ‘V’ the flight mode will change to Precision Mode [PRE].  If the throttle is 50% or more it will go to…

Cruise Mode [CRU]

This mode allows your ship to fly at high speeds with limited maneuverability.  Cruise mode is ideal for traveling distances that are too far for Sub-Cruise Mode but too short for Quantum Drive.  Cruise mode increases your ship’s maximum velocity with a multiplier.  For example, an average Hornet F7A in SCM goes roughly 200 m/s but in CRU it goes 1100 m/s.  While turning is possible in this mode, it isn’t very fast.  Also, slowing down can be a time consuming issue.

Pressing ‘V’ while in CRU will change to SCM.

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