How to Join the same Instance

Star Citizen How to Join the same Instance

In the current state of the game, Alpha 2.0 is pretty plain.  There is plenty of potential and the game is already amazing.  A lot of the creature comforts that we are used to in more developed games are lacking or not-so apparent.  Such is the case with joining the same instance with friends.

How to Join the same Instance

Prerequisite:  All players must add each other to their friends list.  A must have B and C on his friend list, B must have A and C on his friends list.  C must have A and B on his friends list.  This method scales up with the number of players.  The amount of reciprocal adds can get fairly large.  The theoretical limit is 16, as of the time and date of this post.  Press F11 and then ALT+Spacebar to manage your friends list while ingame.

Now the magic:

  1. All players load the game and enter the hangar.  Once everyone is confirmed to be in the hangar and in control ( are not locked) move onto Step #2.
  2. One player goes to the elevator and joins an instance of Port Olisar.
  3. Other players then wait until the first player sees the image loading screen.  That is the loading screen that has a splash screen – usually a shot of ships, typically the mustang.  NOT the black screen that just had text indicating it is loading.  Once on that screen, the other players can attempt to join as they will see the instance in their elevator instance list.  The instance code does not matter!

Bear in mind that the instance system is VERY bugged and limited to only 16 ships.  If the first player joins a busy instance, it may be full and other players will have to attempt to keep joining until a slot opens up.

What if another friend comes online while we are already playing?

Well, that’s pretty simple, although some will see it as a hassle.

Say you (Player A) are playing with another friend (Player B) and a friend (Player C) comes online and wants to join the two of you.  The steps are simple:

  1. Insure that Player A or B have Player C on their contact list and the reverse.
  2. Player A or B (whoever has Player C on their contact list and the reverse) leaves the instance to return to the main menu.
  3. Player A or B (whoever left the game) click ‘Universe’ and then rejoins the instance with the other player.  This let’s Player C “see” you join the instance.
  4. Player C should be able to see the instance with Player A or B in it.  It’ll show as having 1 or 2 contacts in the instance.

Party system

While not required, it is pretty nice to learn the feature.  Parties have no known purpose in the game right now.

  1. Press F11 to bring up the friends list.
  2. Press ALT+ to enable cursor mode.
  3. Invite online friends to a party.
  4. Invitees must press J to accept the invite.  (They will get a popup notification on the screen.)

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