Venture… err Vulture Situation Update

Drama Update – CCP puts CIG in the burn ward edition.

Official CCP website here.

Love the Venture? Enjoy mining and salvaging? Have we got a SKIN bundle for you!

Head on over to the New Eden Store and pick up the “Venture Capitalist” SKIN bundle, which contains three Venture SKINs that are ideal for mining below the belt. Just beware of sneaky vultures attempting to swoop in and loot your assets!

The best part about this SKIN bundle is that it won’t cost you $120 – You can get all three of these SKINs for just 120 PLEX – that’s more than 50% off their total value when they’re sold separately!

The Venture Capitalist SKIN bundle contains the following three SKINs for the Outer Ring Excavations ‘Venture’ class frigate:

-Paydirt Prospector
-Morphite Shine
-Glacial Drift

Did You Know?

You can play EVE Online for free, and you’ll receive a free Venture once you complete the new player tutorial.

Alternatively, if you do feel you’d like to support the continued development New Eden, $120 will buy you the PLEX to run an Omega subscription for more than 6 months …or buy a little over 36,500 Ventures at current market price in Jita.

That’s a shitload of mining right there!

Fun Venture Facts!

36,500 Ventures – at 133m in length each – makes a mean 4,800km long conga line that would stretch all the way from Reykjavík, Iceland to Washington DC, USA.

If we’re looking at sheer mass, 36,500 Ventures at their unloaded gross operating tonnage of 1200T is the equivalent mass to more than 16,200,000 African forest elephants, which weigh in at an average of 2.7T each!

In terms of volume, 36,500 Ventures at an average of 29,500m3 – unpackaged, of course – is roughly the equivalent volume of 538,375,000,000 500ml bottles of everyone’s favorite soft drink – Quafe Ultra.

Kinda funny that the guys that were selling $70 monocles can now actually get away with this.
CCP Falcon dropped by Reddit to say they’re just having a laugh at the matter though.

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