Realistic Star Citizen Update – June 17th, 2018

Calling All Devs
-Escape pods on ships sound to be in a theoretical state; the code isn’t there to support them and the ideas sound rough.
-The Reliant starter ship is going to see a minor rework at some point, will probably get a bit bigger.
-CIG is aware of the problems with the Aurora and other ships not being able to preform missions or other game mechanics due to ship designs, they will alter and rebuild the ships at some point.
-Weather on planets will be worked on at some point, it’s in the Backlog™.
-Teleporting to friends isn’t going to be a thing any longer, if you want to meet with friends you’ll need to fly to them. Ooph, way to kill multicrew CIG.

Around the Verse
-Same uninteresting news about mining, item kiosks, scanning, and other super basic tech that CIG has been floating for about a month now.
-Apparently item kiosks are just the precussor needed to buy ships ingame, funny how CIG has been saying they’d let people buy ships ingame “next patch or two” for over a year now.
-Some stuff on ships, beauty shots and typical stuff.
-Lots of more things about visual eyecandy, no actual game mechanics though…
-And then CIG launches into a 10 minute talk about the two new guns they got done for this quarter, so that’s an amazing total of four guns CIG managed to get done this quarter. Only took years of talking about getting new items ingame.

The Venture Vulture
-Salvaging works by taking out modules by hand, then shooting the ship hull with hull mining beams and extracting salvage cubes to your cargo. Much gameplay innovation, moving gaming forward.
-Can harvest a small ship on its own, needs a swarm of them to salvage a bigger ship.
-Salvaging charges are apparently a thing to break apart a ship into smaller chunks.

Reverse the Verse
-More details on teleporting players; teleporting into a friends NPC crew member is still on the drawing board but you will only get the NPCs equipment and any profits made while doing this will remain with the NPC.
Then launches into a nearly hour long Q&A commercial about the Vulture.
-At about 11 minutes the developers talk about having to design ships to hit sales deadlines… I really wish I hadn’t heard that…
Y’know what, I’m just going to skip the rest of this.

Production Schedule
Nothing worth really noting this week, nothing got moved back and things in 3.2 are moving towards completion this week.
Nothing really noteworthy changed from last week, no real movement on performance or netcode as far as I can tell.

No teleporting to friends to play with them, you can only take over a friends NPC and with that you’ll only get the NPCs gear and any profits will stay with the NPC.
If you want your character, gear, or ship you’ll need to fly them from where they are to where your friend is.
Good job CIG, would be a real shame if people found an easy way to play together and have fun with what is starting to look like a hurry up and wait type of game on par with the bad parts of Eve.

Ship salvaging is going the route of all the other mechanics where you shoot the thing with the beam and you get stuff.
You can use the FPS part of the game to get out and take out higher value modules from ships but that’s about it for innovation.

Really disheartening part where a CIG dev talked about how they have to hit sales deadlines for getting ships through concept.
There’s a joke in there about that being the only deadline CIG seems to give a shit about but I’m too lazy to make it a good joke at this point.

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