Realistic Star Citizen Update – April 7th, 2018

Another weekly roundup.

Calling all Devs
Around the Verse
Reverse the Verse

Calling All Devs
-Warping to objects without a waypoint will be a thing in future despite CIG saying it wasn’t a thing a few weeks back. You’d figure after five years CIG’s lead designers would have basic things like how the player travels locked down but apparently not…
-CIG is working on cockpit and ship decorations for the end of the year.
-Ship to station and ship to ship docking are on the drawing board but not coming soon.
-Scanning mechanics are in the works along with interface to scan. Something basic for 3.2 mining.
Basic multicrew like having a co-pilot is in the backlog, is not actively being worked on, and someone will look at it “Soon™”. Translation: Maybe 2019 or 2020.

Around the Verse
-More space stations, with private internal hangars, are coming.
-Art assets and props are being worked on for a number of future game mechanics.
-Spaceship racing is starting to see some work. Random checkpoints are generated in space.
-Lots of optimization, balance, and fluff level stuff like new NPCs and making disabling weapons work like they’re supposed to.
-Half an hour of some CIG guys wanking it about making the awkward wrist computer UI, soon to have amazing features like search and filtering.

Reverse the Verse
-Episode about developing props and art assets, boring episode and I barely paid any attention to it.
-Some stuff about CIG’s new Procedural Food tech, turns out it’s just tools to make art asset and won’t function ingame.

Production Schedule Update
Salvage, ship repair, and ship refuelling have all been delayed from 3.2 to patch 3.3.
-CIG has added group warp, manned vehicle turrets, improved ship persistence, and a bunch of other smaller features in their place.
-Planetary mining and prospecting/scanning remain the primary features for 3.2. It sounds like you can only try this if you bought a Prospector.

TL;DR / Opinion
Basically this week CIG does their usual routine of showing how many amazing art assets and concepts they can push but all the key gameplay you signed up for is in CIG’s development backlog and all the gameplay that was supposed to be coming in the near future has been delayed yet again.

Essentially the 3.X patch series doesn’t really look to be offering much to people that don’t own a ton of ships as the original core multiplayer ship experience isn’t going to see any real work this year and to use the new mechanics you need to own the ships that preform those mechanics.

Glad to see all CIG had to do was get 3.0 the door and then they could build the game on top of that (sarcasm).
Shame CIG forgot what game they were building somewhere between all the concept sales and feature creep.

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