Realistic Star Citizen Update – April 1st, 2018

Weekly roundup.

Calling All Devs
Around the Verse
Reverse the Verse

3.1 also went live this week.

Calling All Devs
-Fitting ship interior and mission packages is not on the 2018 plans. (No shit, it literally isn’t even on the schedule.)
-Mining tractor beam is the only tractor beam coming in the near future, there’s technical and gameplay issues. Still in concept effectively.
-Space mining gameplay is catching flying rock chunks as they spall off the asteroid. Still in the works though.
-Player owned starbases are “far future” tech. Planetary bases only for now.

Around the Verse
-Bengal Carrier is now so big it has a monorail in it.
-Lots of stuff about art and animation, neat design footage.
Procedural mess hall food generation. Yes this is now a thing, CIG is working on tools for maximum fidelity trays of food.
-CIG is starting work on variant AI packages so NPCs will fly larger ships differently and not all NPCs will fly like they’re in a fighter.
-AI will be broken into levels and higher level pilots will have access to more precanned moves.
-I shut this down, it’s boring, has lots of talking, and a lot of this stuff is just conceptual stuff that is only at the initial stages of design.
AKA: Answer the call 2019 2021.

Reverse the Verse – Like an hour of guys sitting around a table, I got bored and waited for someone else to make a summary.
-Different armor has different stats and attachment points to carry different loads.
-Character ageing isn’t on the drawing board as they have little idea how to handle it right now. This was a big thing for Chris Roberts in past statements.
-No layering clothes or things over armor, for now at least.
-Female character will not release due to animations and assets not being ready yet.
-More facial options and face blending tech will come later.
-Clothing/armor wear and cleanliness stats will be tracked. You will need to go to the space laundromat occasionally.
-Armor coloring, tattoos, opening helmets are all off in the future.

CIG livestreamed a two hour loop of their procedural food tech for April fools.
No, so far as I’m aware the tech is real. Just the stream was a joke.

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