Realistic Star Citizen Update – April 15th, 2018

Oh yeah, I should pretend to give a fuck and do a weekly roundup.

Calling All Devs
Around the Verse
Reverse the Verse

Calling All Devs
-Talk about the Cutlass having two seats, turns out out ships have hardcoded seats for flight and other functions so your co-pilot seat can’t actually fly and you’ll need to hop into another seat to swap functions, also better hope nobody ever crashes to desktop because then the mulitcrew ship has no pilot until someone can extract the pilot and take the seat. Bet this changes in future though.
-Player housing is a ways off and CIG has ideas but not plans. You’ll be able to rent hab-cubes as a respawn point though.
-CIG has realized they need to prioritize ship reworks and get them under way, they’re not actually changing the scheduling or anything, but they realize they should get working on them.
-Decompression tech is being shelved for now. This was the thing where atmosphere vented and stuff got sucked out. Apparently someone at CIG realized that it would be a lot of work and they should probably not waste another year of development time on it while core game systems haven’t been worked on. CIG worded it much nicer though.

Around the Verse
-This is show contains a 14 minute infomercial for CIG’s new ship. No, really.
-It’s really like a car commercial “totally unlike all those other things that are just like it”.
-Then there’s a lot of talk about ships CIG sold you long ago and how amazing their work/re-work is going and how soon/not-soon-at-all you’ll be seeing them.

Reverse the Verse
-Nearly an hour talking about ship re-works. Not any really useful answers, there’s too many “maybe” and “probably” in every answer to be very useful.

There’s also this post of Fuel Mechanics.
TL;DR – Ships will burn fuel for their reactors and during manoeuvring, some ships can regenerate fuel while flying but many smaller ships and fighters can’t so they’ll need to plan ahead for fuel stops.

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