Realistic Star Citizen Update – March 18th, 2018

Ok well since it’s proving useful to some of you I’ll try to keep to a weekly news round up.

Update time.

Calling All Devs
Around the Verse
Reverse the Verse <- Shit video, kill it with fire. A god damned hour of CIG jacking it to the great history of SC concept art. Literally SC’s high point.

Summary of Stuff Skipping lots of fluff shit.
For interdiction it sounds like you will be able to hamper ships warp without special equipment but larger ships will just be able to overpower this effect and leave.
There’s also the classic Eve bubble deployable that is supposed to suck people out of warp.
No firm dates about when this becomes more than talk though; interdiction was supposed to be appearing in 3.0 or 3.1 originally but for now it’s just an RNG generated NPC mechanic only and it’s not on the schedule to far.
So basically it exists in somebody’s head, like a lot of SC.

New personal hangars coming “later this year or next year” (so in 2020). When major cities are supposed to launch apparently.
The new hangars are in whitebox modelling phase with the hangar system being redone again because they weren’t modular enough and didn’t match the new art standards.
Only noting this because the last round of hangars were supposed to address those exact needs, but hey SC always has time to spend another few months rebuilding old stuff again right.

Repair is launching with the standard repair raygun and limited repair materials in inventory mechanic.
Sooo basically the system you’ve seen in every other game. :Cough: No Mans Sky :Cough:
Tier zero implementation though guys; CIG is totes going to get back to all those other awesome systems they spent years talking about and they’re just temporarily making it work for handtools, drones, and all other repair systems for the next while.

The ATV show this week is mostly a pile of promotion about the Reclaimer salvage ship, all sorts of stuff about the ships drones, tractor beams, salvage systems, and things that come with this ship.
Only bad news is that none of these systems exist or are on the schedule…
But don’t worry guys, the Banu Merchantman went to concept design stage, five years after CIG sold it to people…

Roadmap Updates
3.1 is still in Evocati (limited) testing, the new ships haven’t been added and a bunch of other things are still missing so far as leaks say.

Under the performance an optimization section for 3.1 CIG dropped their tasks from 61 to 46 so they could hit 95%+ done for release.
So about 25% of CIG’s optimization targets for the 3.1 optimization focused patch were just pushed to 3.2, and that’s not including the previous slippage of bind culling and other optimizations that were previously transferred.

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