Realistic Star Citizen Update – March 12th, 2018

Anyways, time for another pointless weekly update. Except this is two weeks because I kinda stopped giving a shit.

Feb 26th – Mar 2nd

Calling All Devs
Around the Verse
Reverse the Verse

Weather effects are coming, EMP balance is being looked at (currently an “iwin” button ingame), blah blah blah.
If you give a shit watch the videos, just a lot of the usual about things starting by certain dates and soon but with the same levels of assurance as all the stuff that missed its last dates or was pushed to another year.
Actually found CIG’s defensiveness about some of the stuff annoying; don’t introduce a $300+ ship that turns other players ships off and then act surprised people are saying you game balance sucks. It was a perfectly foreseeable outcome.

There’s some footage of the new character creator, so that’s nice though.

March 5th to 9th

Calling All Devs
Around the Verse
Reverse the Verse

Automated turrets will not be worked on until manned turret gameplay is working properly, based on that statement and the progress CIG has made on turrets over the past few years I’d say it could be a while.  Wink
There’s some neat footage of one of the first ships with the first internal player intractable modules/fittings inside the ship, that bad news that Reddit pointed out is that it looks like a lot of existing ships are going to need some significant work to get the same system retrofitted to them.

Looks like SC ships may be finally getting a new HUD in the near-ish future, the devs are not aiming for 60fps gameplay at any point before beta-ish (so 2034) but will try to make the game playable, and a lot of things about the performance improvements coming over the next year (supposedly).
The last two videos are worth listening to while you’re doing other stuff.

There’s also talk in one of the videos about how multi-hundred person battles will be possible and all that good stuff.
The thing that doesn’t make any sense to me about this is that the video talks about how too many entities causes the poor performance, yet many entities is literally what you’re looking at for a large battle…
Well whatever, years away so no point thinking too much on it.

3.1 went to the Evocati test group so it looks like CIG may make their release target for… well the first time I can recall.
Anyways that’s all the sass I can muster for this old project for now.

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