Star Citizen Ship Fitting Guide

Star Citizen Ship Fitting Guide Alpha 2.1

Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 brought with it an undocumented change to the ship fitting tool available in the hangar.  Previously the ship fitting tool was clunky and hard to use in some scenarios.  This update to the ship fitting tool brought positive changes to readability, usability and functionality.

Fonts that are more gooder

Yup, it’s true.  The old fonts sucked.  The new font is clear and legible.  ‘Nuff said.

Filtering System

Star Citizen Ship Fitting GuideThere is now a filtering system controlled by a new panel on the bottom left-hand corner of the ship fitting window.

There are 5 filters that can be applied:

  1. Equippable – Shows all parts that are compatible with the selected ship.
  2. Equipped Current – Shows all parts that are equipped to the selected ship.
  3. Equipped Other – Does not currently function.  Seems to be reserved for future use.
  4. Unequippable – Parts that are not compatible with the selected ship.
  5. All – Shows all parts in the inventory or equipped to the selected ship.

Equipped parts have a dark purple color and rented parts no longer have the magenta color.

New Functionality

2016-01-15 21_05_06-GreenshotBy filtering to Equipped Current a list of equipped parts shows up.  By clicking on a part and dragging a very short distance, the part is quickly removed.  This makes removing difficult to manage items such as missiles in racks much easier and faster.  No longer is it the case that each missile has to be hunted down in the rack and dragged out of its slot.  Hornet pilots rejoice!

Still needs some work though

It’s true… It’s a clunky design at heart.  While these improvements make it manageable, it’s still a beast and somewhat difficult for first-timers.  I believe CIG may have a certain level of difficulty in mind to make ship fitting sort of a hurdle so an entire ship, like an Idris, can’t be fit in under a few seconds.

Hornet Loadouts

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