Star Citizen Alpha 2.1

Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 Released

Freelancer, Vanguard, Sabre, and a new size 4 gatling cannon…  and that just starts off Alpha 2.1 list of fixes and additions!

A million mile high club was added AND you can invite members of your party to go there and do…. things or stuff.

Alpha 2.1 has bug fixes…

Oh the bug fixes…
Star Citizen Alpha 2.1
Apocalypse Arms REVENANT ballistic Gatling gun.

Alpha 2.1 brings with it a myriad of bug fixes, gameplay balances and other stuff that should help to make the current state of the game more gooder.

Changes to Missile Lock Mechanics

Being the pilot that I am, I noticed that the maximum amount of that can be locked onto at once is 2… Except for the 325a, which can lock 4 missiles at once.  No more spamming 8 missiles onto the same target.  I guess I’ll have to find another tactic to use for comedic relief.

Ships added

Star Citizen Alpha 2.1
The with its mouth open waiting to be fed your delicious cargo!
“Feed me, Seymour!”

Alpha 2.1 brings with it two more ships… the  and Warden are now flyable and hangar ready.  And the is now hangar ready so you can go check that out.  There was a warning that the Freelancer’s damage states are not 100% complete, so your mileage may vary.


We also receive a new weapon platform in Alpha 2.1… The Apocalypse Arms Revenant Ballistic Gatling Gun.  The new piece of weaponry is size 4 so it can be mounted to the Vanguard, Constellation, Cutlass, and Hornet.  You’ll need the Flashfire weapon mount to fit this to the Cutlass or Hornet.  It comes with the Vanguard Warden preinstalled or can be purchased in the Voyager Direct Store.  It can also be rented for 1,800 REC in the Electronic Access Store.

Secret Updates

Or just undocumented… Alpha 2.1 brought with it some undocumented changes, at least in the official patch notes.

New Ship Fitting Interface

There were some changes to the ship fitting interface that can be accessed in the hangar.  While the general gist of its functionality remains the same a handy color-coding system that ties in with a  was added.

Here’s a Star Citizen Ship Fitting Guide for Alpha 2.1.

not reloading in

While I didn’t play past the 3rd wave due to a disconnect error, I did notice that my were not respawning.  Please let me know in comments below if I am mistaken or if the now only reload after a certain number of waves.

Heat-Seeking Lock Status

The heat-seeking now once again show a lock status with the red elements that form a ring around the target once a lock has been acquired.  They used to function like this and then they became broken.  Radar-guided missiles have done this all along.

Issue Council

The official announcement made mention that the majority of bug fixes were made possible by players reporting issues in the Issue Council.  I’d like to take this moment to remind all readers here that the Issue Council is a great thing and you should report every issue that you find with the game there.  And to do so in as much detail as possible.  The more you help provide information about bugs on the Issue Council, the more bugs will be fixed and the faster they will get fixed.  If a bug makes the game or a part of the game unplayable for you, keep reporting on it.

The Issue Council can be accessed here.

Alpha 2.1 References

See also:  Official Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 Patch Notes

Also see:  Official Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 announcement

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Star Citizen Alpha 2.1


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[…] Star Citizen Alpha 2.1 brought with it an undocumented change to the ship fitting tool available in the hangar.  Previously the ship fitting tool was clunky and hard to use in some scenarios.  This update to the ship fitting tool brought positive changes to readability, usability and functionality. […]