Big Blogs are Trashing Star Citizen - Here is why they are wrong

Big Blogs are Trashing Star Citizen Here is why they are wrong

Hageshii01 wrote an interesting article that got my noodle baking.  You can check it out here.

I’m not going to link them here, but there has been a plague of pop gaming journalism that has been trashing the genre-shaking title, set to be out in 2016, that is .

The big blogs and “magazines” are doing this because it is easy click-bait.  It draws you in.

It’s easy to rule out something different as wrong.  When a system that has become stagnant encounters a change in that system its first instinct is to resist the change.  We see this a lot in all sorts of systems.

A new change is introduced and of course there is hesitation to adopt it.   Entities in a system cling to the old way and claim that the new change is wrong.  While not all changes are good and not all changes make it through these trials of the system putting resistance towards it, those that make it through improve the system.

Star Citizen is going through that resistance to change by the video gaming industry.  Their transparent is a huge change and while it has been done before in the past, it was never done on this scale.

See this ship? It's the Idris and it costs $1,500. It's sold out. Players can't even fly it yet. That's what I call devotion and faith.
See this ship? It’s the Idris and it costs $1,500. It’s sold out. Players can’t even fly it yet. That’s what I call devotion and faith.

Star Citizen just hit $78 million dollars in funding yesterday.  That’s huge.  ’s budget was $100 million.  However consider that ’s studio – DICE – has a lot of overhead.  They make other games, have a huge non-development staff tied to the game that they have to pay.  They have larger facilities.  More budget bloat.  What percentage of that $100 million went directly towards ?

Look at , a very small studio that is devoted 100% to the development of Star Citizen.  No bloat, no non-development staff besides the barebones marketting and sales personnel.  A huge portion of that $78 million is going directly to the development of Star Citizen – a much higher percentage than Battlefield 4 received.

Battlefield 4 has a lot of momentum and hype train effect from previous installments – people enjoyed those previous titles and therefor will more than likely buy Battlefield 4.

Star Citizen doesn’t have that hype.  It’s a fresh series (sort of if you consider Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer) and that makes it a leap of faith for gamers to buy into it.

Yeah, EVA. Star Citizen has that.
Yeah, EVA. Star Citizen has that.  Can’t get in through the air lock?  Just cut a hole in the exterior bulkhead to gain access.

Star Citizen is every gamer’s dream game.  How many times have you played a sci fi space-related game and said to yourself “I wish this game had that type of functionality.”  Star Citizen is going to have that type of functionality.

But the big blogs are trashing star citizen and hating on it because it drives controversy, which drives discussion which drives more hits to their false articles.  They couldn’t be more wrong.

There are also the people that say that the game is vaporware.  Players have put $78 million into the hands of CIG and and the naysayers claim that one day CIG’s website will be shut down and that $78 million will just disappear.

To them, I say, “Chris Roberts would not do that.  It would ruin his career and there’d be a big unruly mob of nearly 1 million gamers that would be after him with torches and pitchforks.”  His entire development team would find it hard to find employment elsewhere.  It would effectively ruin the future for everyone involved with the development of Star Citizen.  We have a list of everyone involved in the development of the title.

So to the haters, keep on hating but be prepared to put your foot in your mouth around January 2016 or maybe sooner.

8 Replies to “Big Blogs are Trashing Star Citizen Here is why they are wrong”

  1. Crazy Harry

    Where are the blogs that trash Star Citizen? I can’t find them. If you write these kind of statements, you have got to back them up with sources.
    Of course there is a bit of doubt about the games development as it is moving extremely slow and the actual installment is already huge for what it offers.
    What you got wrong in your article is that no one sees Star Citizen as fresh as Chris Roberts’ name is attached to it. It is an spiritual follow up to Freelancer and Wing Commander and the backers see it that way. Without that name, Star Citizen would certainly not have reached the funding goal on Kickstarter and the whole project wouldn’t exist at this moment.
    Also, Chris Roberts’ game development career was over. He was gone for more than a decade, producing movies.
    So, losing his career in game development when Star Citizen fails, isn’t a big of an argument that it won’t fail.
    And as most people involved in the development, besides Chris Roberts, are not calling the shots, it shouldn’t affect their career. Also, they then still have gained some experience in development, which is valuable to other studios.

  2. agoonofcourse

    “So to the haters, keep on hating but be prepared to put your foot in your mouth around January 2016 or maybe sooner.”

    Hey so it’s June 2016 and so far all that exists of Star Citizen is a fucked up Crysis mod that isn’t even slightly fun for the short amount of time it takes to play it’s tiny amount of content – assuming it doesn’t crash while you’re attempting it.

    Can I stop preparing my foot now? My leg is getting tired.

  3. Derek Smart was Right

    “be prepared to put your foot in your mouth around January 2016 or maybe sooner.”

    Here we are, a whole year later and still no game. SQ42 nowhere to be seen, PU still a broken mess (but now with shopping for space pants). No Star Marine, nothing to show at E3. Features being cancelled, talks about Minimum Viable Product. New TOS that removes their obligations and denies all possibilities for refunds.

    This game is a scam.

  4. Zen_Master

    You say what Star Citizen is going to have with authority while 2016 is half gone and the pre alpha PU is so full of bugs Robert A. Heinlein should start a new series on their threat to humanity. You have no basis for these claims, other than what CIG is telling you. It’s all faith in their honesty and ability to deliver as the scope exploded out of control. No one believes S42 will launch this year, maybe mid to late next year by all rational thought as CIG skipped E3 and said that Gamescom will be a just hanging out with no huge reveals.

    • Yuka

      Isn’t Robert A. Heinlein dead? Deceased in 1988. Or maybe you referenced a different Heinlein.

      I wrote this article in April of 2015. 14 months ago. My “claims” aren’t that bold and in fact the only prediction I did make was that some of the naysayers would put their foots in their mouths in January 2016 or sooner… Considering Crusader was released in December 2015 and it caused a bunch of the naysayers to change their colors, I believe I was at least partially correct.

      You can’t hate me for having optimism and positivity for this title. The idea of this game has been the dream for many of us for years, I’m sure you dreamed of it too while playing titles like Freelancer, Star Lancer, or maybe even Wing Commander. You thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could do this in the game?” Star Citizen is supposed to be that game.

      While development appears to have lost some momentum I still believe it has the stamina to pull through. It may not be the completely polished title we all wanted it to be in 2014 and it might still have some work to be done whenever it “releases” in ~2017ish but it’ll be something that I know a lot of the current naysayers will try, despite their current position on the game. Some will swallow their pride and publicly announce that they played it, others will do so in secrecy.

      Hope doesn’t cost a thing. I spent $110 on the game. Some have spent much more and some have spent much less. It won’t hurt me in the least if the game flops, even if I don’t get a refund. The journey I will have had will have been a fun journey. I had a blast playing Arena Commander and Crusader with my friends, and ultimately I have gotten my $110 out of the game through the friends I have made and the old friends I have gamed with since long before Star Citizen came along and the camaraderie I have further built with those friends. I won’t cry about it, I’ll just find another title.

      I’ve been on this rollercoaster before and I know the potential outcomes. Just like Dukem Nukem Forever, which I reserved in 1997 and kept the reservation receipt in my wallet despite it going dark for many rears, being restarted, then going dark again. I kept that receipt in my wallet until 2011, when the game released. Granted Gamestop wouldn’t honor the reservation from so long back that I paid for back when they were Babbages and I had to buy the copy outright.. but I still bought it. And while Duke Nukem Forever wasn’t what 2011 me wanted, it was what 1997 me wanted. Because of that, I was strangely satisfied.

      While I don’t have a paper receipt for Star Citizen, I’ll handle Star Citizen just like I did Duke Nukem Forever… it’ll be at the back of my mind and I’m going to check in on it from time to time. If it goes dark like Duke Nukem did so many times, I won’t let it bother me. Development has come to far for the backers to not get something out of it… even if it is an abortion like Freelancer, I’ll be satisfied. (I’m not saying Freelancer was bad, just that it was supposed to be much more than it actually was due to shitty publisher.)

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