Pilot Training Begins

A lot has happened since my last entry!  It has all happened rather quick.  It honestly makes me wonder if Ixion Defence Systems is either hard-up for pilots or just really efficient with their time management.  I hope the latter.

Yesterday was my first day of flight training.  I’m receiving instruction on piloting the legendary Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C.  While I’m flying the trainer in a simulator, the F7A, they are very much identical.

Hornet F7C

While waiting for the message from IXDS regarding the details of my training, I spent a lot of time studying technical manuals on the most popular space craft, researching IXDS and their history, and physically preparing myself.  It was certainly both a relaxing and exciting week!

IXDS came and picked me up from my local interspace port two days ago.  I found it odd, but they picked me up in a Banu Merchantman ship.  I was the only “cargo” onboard.

The training simulation software that they are using is called Arena Commander and it can simulate both free flight and a basic combat scenario that has me and two other pilots, both controlled by the computer, defend a small industrial orbital space station from swarms of Vanduul fighters that come in ever-increasing waves.  I have received zero instruction in relation to anything – I literally just have to figure it out.  The instructors say that this is to test my learning capabilities and my ability to adapt to adversity.  I think I’m doing pretty well.

The next step after a few days or weeks of this type of “training” will be to fly with other pilots in training against other pilots in competitive scenarios.  I have not been informed, nor have the instructors let on to when that might be.  I am excited for it though because I am learning how the computer-controlled opponents think.

I’m very excited to fly the Hornet, though.  Instructors said that I may also learn to fly the 300 series spacecraft, which a lighter and faster space craft than the Hornet.

Only time will tell.

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