Star Citizen Arena Commander Launched

Version 0.8 of the Arena Commander is now available!

The much anticipated first Arena Commander module will let players take one of three ships out for a spin in Free Flight mode and fight a swarm of AI-controlled ships in Vanduul Swarm immediately.

As server-side bugs and issues are remedied, more and more players StarCitizenDev-2014-04-11-14-10-10-26will be granted access to the multiplayer game modes that Arena Commander is intended to both demonstrate to players and test for the developers.  Those three modes are:

  • Battle Royale – Players compete in a free-for-all battle.
  • Squadron Battle – Two teams of players compete against each other in what can be described as a deathmatch.
  • Capture the Core – Two teams compete against each other to maintain control of a point in space for points.

The multiplayer component of Arena Commander will be rolled out StarCitizenDev-2014-04-11-14-13-01-25by citizen number with the players with lower citizen numbers gaining access first.  Here’s how to look up a player’s citizen number.

Moving forward, in an official post from Chris Roberts on the RSI website, CIG already has announced a huge list of goals for the next ChrisRobertsDirecting-300x201version of Arena Commander, version 0.9.  Some of the proposed development focuses on the areas of visual effects and graphics, client and server stability, and control improvements.

An official digital manual for Arena Commander is also available for download in PDF here.

Players can gain access to Arena Commander if they have alpha access or an Arena Commander Pass.  Players that already have the Hangar module install can simply run the launcher to download the patch for Arena Commander.  Players that do not already have the hangar module installed can obtain the installation file from the Star Citizen Download page.

Before diving in, be sure to check out the default control mappings (which cannot be changed in this version)

What has been your favorite moment in the Star Citizen Arena Commander?

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