Changing Ship Weapons in Arena Commander

While there is definitely zero support for it, the ability to change weapons on the “trainer” ship that a player flies in Star Citizen’s is definitely an option.

UPDATE:  Here is the Star Citizen Ship Fitting Guide for Alpha 2.1.

Hornet Loadouts

I was able to switch weapons between the F7C that I bought via pledge onto the F7A that is flown in Arena Commander.  Here are the results:

Come at me, bro!
Come at me, bro!

Changing Ship Weapons in

Changing weapons is fairly simple.  I’ve thrown together a quick little clipped from when I discovered it while playing.  (Definitely a rough video, but it gets the point across.)  View the video below.

Text Instructions

  1. Approach the interface panel that is in the ship hangar to the rear left of the trainer ship.  In my case, it is the F7A Hornet.
  2. Press “F” to interface with the interface.  “F” is the default keymapping.
  3. Press “Tab” to activate the cursor to allow interaction.  If a cursor does not appear, take a step or two forward and try again.  “Tab” is the default keymapping.
  4. Select the ship that you would like to modify.  Drag it from the list on the right to the center of the interface.
  5. Select “WEAPONS” at the top and drag it to the left.
  6. Hold down the right button on top of the ship and drag to rotate the ship until the desired weapon or weapon mount is in view to modify it.
  7. When done, close the interface by pressing “F” and enjoy the changes to your ship.


Some Notes and Tips

  • Select the non-flyable ships first and remove their weapons.  Weapons currently attached to other ships will not be available to the active ship!
  • Do not remove or weapons that require ammo because the weapon will not have ammo when it undocks and will be useless.. (I’m looking at you, gatling gun!)
  • Some mounts are non-gimballed, which means they must be manually aimed with a proper lead on the target to score a hit.  Keep this in mind, especially when mixing gimballed and non-gimballed weapons in the same weapons group!
  • shaewyn:  If you move/remove guns that need ammo they might not have ammo anymore, even if you put them back where they were.
  • shaewyn:  The Neutron Guns may only fire once.  *Needs confirmation by a few more players*
  • shaewyn:  The badger repeater may shoot fine but make no sound.  *Needs confirmation by a few more players*
  • shaewyn:  You need to reset your weapon groups every time you respawn.
  • shaewyn:  If you really bugger it up, delete the inventory file in your USER folder to reset.  UPDATE:  There is no longer an inventory file, delete the entire USER folder.  This is found  in …\\StarCitizen\\USER\

What non-default weapon combinations work for you?  Have any tips or tricks for this system to suggest?  Sound off in comments below!

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