Riverwood Day 1

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Riverwood Day 1

I’ve awakened well-rested.  It is time to start my second day in Skyrim, this time as a free man.  The events of yesterday feel like a blurred nightmare – part of me doesn’t want to believe it happened.  Another part of me has a burning fire to vanquish all those who would do something like that to an innocent man!  I think I would feel no remorse if Imperials were to expire by my blade.

I plan to set out and explore the town, perhaps find some supplies and trade some of my spoils from the mine for gold.  I should probably meet with Ralof and see if he can help me out because I have nothing – the Imperials took what little supplies I had.

The question remains, should I push on to Whiterun like I had originally anticipated or do I change my course?  So much has changed yesterday and the day prior that I’m uncertain what I should do.  The dragon is an occurrence that should be noted.  I’m not familiar with dragon-related lore but my understanding is that it has been a very long time since dragons soared over the world.  I wonder what could have caused this… the topic has caught the focus of my curious nature.

My skill with alchemy has not escaped me, although I don’t remember or am not familiar with the properties of the flora and fauna of this region.  However, my understandings of the very fundamentals of alchemy has allowed me to craft a few potions and poisons, which I will either use or barter with.

Some of the villagers of Riverwood also saw the dragon while others remain skeptical.  I spoke to Sven about it who said I should tell the Jarl of Whiterun.  Perhaps I should, it would be good for all humble creature of Skyrim.

Gerdur, Ralof’s sister was really generous, giving me a key to her house and plenty of minor supplies.  She also suggested that I see the Jarl in Whiterun and tell him about the dragon.

Alvor, Riverwood’s blacksmith gave me a hand refreshing my smithing skills.  It certainly had been a while and the first iron dagger I forged today was very dull.  Luckily he gave me some pointers on sharpening it.  He also told me that Riverwood was settled by Gerdur’s family a few generations ago.

Lucan Valerius runs the Riverwood Trader.  I walked in and overhead a conversation between himself and Camilla Valerius, his sister about a piece gone missing.  Upon questioning Lucan about it, he said that an ornamental claw had gone missing and that it was in Bleak Falls Barrow.  He said there would be some coin in it for me if I were able to obtain the claw and return it to him.  The day is halfway done, I’m going to scout it out.  Camilla gave me some directions to it and informed me that thieves like to occupy the ruins at times, so I will be on my best guard.

The route to the ruins is easy-going.  I was attacked by a wolf halfway there but was able to fend it off and kill it before it could sink its teeth into me.  I was able to cut a nice pelt from it that will surely allow me to make some coin and hone my smithing skills.

At the base of the ruins appears to be a guard tower.  It looks to be of different construction than the ruins and was probably constructed after the ruins.  The guard tower appears to be occupied by a group of bandits that may be attacking travelers in and around Riverwood.  I was able to see that there are at least three bandits in the tower.  I think if I am careful and quiet I can dispatch them one-at-a-time to avoid any serious confrontation.  I’m not sure if I should wait for nightfall or not.  I’ll need to think about this.

The ruins are occupied by a medium-sized band of thieves.  I counted at least four patroling the massive structure outside of the main entrance.  There may be more; I wasn’t able to get a good vantage point without being seen.  This will definitely be a challenge for my novice combat skills but if I attack with the element of surprise I may stand a reasonable chance without serious injury.

I’m going back to Riverwood to hone my smithing skills and hopefully upgrade my weapons and armor to give me the best edge against my foes of tomorrow.

My current armament consists of some Imperial heavy armor that I took off of a dead imperial while I was escaping Helgen.  I carry with me an iron shield to compliment my body armor.  My weaponry consists of an Iron Mace for armored adversaries, Steel Dagger for cases when I may be able to sneak up and slit an opponents throat, Steel Sword for engagements against unarmored foes, and a Hunting Bow so that I may attack from range when the opportunity presents itself.  I’ll be honing my skills with all of those items over the next few days.

I managed to kill an 8-point buck on my way back to Riverwood.  It was just standing in the road.  Two arrows put it down, although by the time I put the second arrow through it, the deer had run into the river, making collection of the carcass a bit challenging.  Despite the additional challenge, it was worth the effort.  I was able to pull off the entire hide and a hearty slab of venison.  I was also able to pick up a few ingredients to craft an additional potion of health, which I am sure I will need during tomorrow’s battle.

I’m going to retire for the night at Gerdur’s house tonight.  She has graciously offered me a soft bed and a warm hearth to sleep next to.  I’m not sure that I’ll be able to sleep much though, there is much on my mind; both excitement and worry.  It’ll be my first time purposely planning to go into combat.  Killing bandits, another man, will be my goal when I leave Gerdur’s house in the morning.  Hopefully some warm food will help ease me to sleep.

Next Entry:  Bleak Falls Barrow

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