The Journal of Findarato Tinuviel

Entry #1

I awoke this morning on a horse-drawn cart in binds with three others.  A horse thief, Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak, and Ralof.  I felt out of place among the group because I am a Bosmer and I had done nothing wrong.  I was captured by an imperial ambush while crossing the border into Skyrim.  I was merely traveling to expand my cultural knowledge of the world around me!  Now because of a misunderstanding and ignorant people unwilling to grant me a reasonable audience I was facing the executioner!

The only reason I am able to write these words on this parchment is because the Gods smiled upon me on this day.  As I approached the chopping block, a dragon appeared and perched upon one of the keep’s towers.  From there it paused for a moment as the guards and prisoners alike gazed at it in astonishment and as soon as everyone was at the peak of confusion mixed with amazement, the wicked beast unleashed fury upon the town of Helgen.  I managed to run free in the confusion at the direction of Ralof who also managed to break away from the guards as they focused on self-preservation.

Together, Ralof and I formed a duo fueled by the will to survive.  We dispatched several Imperial soldiers and a bear!  Who would have thought that I, Findarato Tinuviel, would have ever killed a man or a bear!  If only my acquaintances back home could have seen me!

We found a way out of Helgen through the sewer system which released in the foothills just north of Helgen.  Ralof and I parted ways but not after a quick conversation with him in regards to joining the Stormcloaks.  I told him that I’d sit on it and meet him in Riverwood which is to the north east of where we parted ways.  He told me to find riverwood that I should head north to the river and then follow it downstream to the town.

On my way to Riverwood, I found an old mine.  It wouldn’t have caught my attention but an aggressive bandit was posted outside of the main entrance to the mine.  I killed her after she aggressed me.  My thoughts of there being something worth defending in the mine were correct.  I ended up killing several more bandits who appeared to be using the raw iron ore in the mine to smith weapons in the mine itself, probably for use against travelers nearby or perhaps in a build-up to raid Riverwood.

My spoils from raiding the mine mostly consisted of rations and some iron ore and ingots.  I’ll use the materials to build myself some new weapons with the skills I learned while working for a summer with my uncle Falendar who worked with metals in Valenwood despite the common culture of the wood elf.  His partial defiance with wood elf culture was, after all, the reason why I decided to leave south-west Tamriel and head out to learn about other cultures and ways of life.

The exit of the mine put me very close to Riverwood. I could see the silhouettes of the buildings from the mouth of the mine’s rear entrance. It was also very dark. The light of the Sun had ceased several hours prior.

I raced to Riverwood at a cautious haste and found an Inn to bed down for the night.  It was so dark and I was so tired that I didn’t care to even read the sign.  My body was drained as was my mind. My first day in Skyrim was a thorough one. At least I still draw breath.

Next Entry:  Riverwood Day 1

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