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WARNING!  Content on the video stream may be unsuitable for minors.  Parental discretion is advised!

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[livestream url=”http://www.twitch.tv/yukanojo”]

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I play Diablo 3 primarily as my wizard character. I’ve always enjoyed the spellcasters in the Diablo series.
My wizard currently dishes out an average of 5.4 million damage per second. Here’s how!
Add me and play Diablo 3 with me! My battletag is Yuka#1285.
Check out my Diablo 3 Blog series on my website!



Star Citizen is an upcoming MMO Space Sim.  If you are not familiar with the game, I highly suggest you watch the video, Star Citizen in 6 minutes.

I already have a player organization that I will be playing a part of.  Be sure to watch my Twitch Channel here to see the latest action from Star Citizen!


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