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    Welcome to The Lone Gamers community.

    We strive to be a community which:

    • Fosters intelligent, respectful, and mature gaming discussion and
    • Shares and celebrates quality video game content, whether it is created by a professional or an amateur and
    • Is good to one another within the community*.

    *This doesn’t mean you cannot play the role of a bad person while playing video games.. many of us play video games which require someone to play the role of the “bad guys” in order to generate conflict and game play. This means we expect you to be good to one another outside of the game.. which would be here, within this community.

    On voting:

    A few of our community discussion areas feature the ability to vote.  An upvote should be cast if you feel the post or reply provides correct information and/or an opinion/point of view which contributes to the discussion.  A downvote should be cast if you feel the post or reply provide either incorrect information and/or does not contribute to the discussion.  DO NOT upvote or downvote if the content is factually correct but you just do not agree with the content.  In those cases we suggest you respectfully reply to the content and explain why you disagree with it.  This drives healthy discussion and is highly encouraged.

    We will be expanding functionality as we go. For now we have a few things within this website:

    • Star Citizen Ship Fittings – A community-driven Star Citizen Ship fitting development discussion. The aim is to have the community drive a standard on what the current “Meta” is for ship fittings in the current version. Simply create a ship fitting on #DPSCalculator and share the link in the Ship Fitting forum. Other community members will vote up/down your fitting and provide constructive feedback explaining why they voted it up or down. This should give us the cream of the crop for ship fittings in a way. The best ship fitting will be published to the main site which will show up in search engines.
    • Community members are encouraged to submit content for consideration for publication to the main site.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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