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    This ship fitting will give you the maximum amount of stealth possible out of the Aegis Eclipse in Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.2.


    • 2x Scorpion GT-215 – Powered off.  You can remove them outright if you are decent enough with stealth mechanics.
    • 3x Argos IX – Cross Section for maximum change to hit your target.


    • 2x Mirage – Powered off.  Turn then on when you need them.  If you aren’t detected then you don’t need shields.  These charge pretty quickly if you do need them.  Turning them off reducing your EM and IR output which reduces your detection range.
    • Slipstream – Stealth Grade 1.
    • 2x Snow Blind – Stealth Grade 1.
    • Atlas – You’ll power this off when not in use and it won’t have much effect on your EM/IR output.


    • 636 Weapon DPS
    • 195,984 Missile damage
    • 6,120 shield hitpoints
    • 684 shield recharge
    • With weapons, shields, and QD powered off the IR is as low as* 9 and the EM is 234.

    Stealth is a tricky beast in Star Citizen but it does work.  The Eclipse gets a 30% reduction in IR, EM, and CS signature values.  I won’t go into the details but powering off your components and *giving your ship time to bleed off IR is key to success here.  Stay as far away from the target as possible and take advantage of the 31 KM range of the Argos IX torpedos.

    Happy hunting!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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