Star Citizen Roadmap Update July 24th, 2020

We finally have our answer! 3.12 is the Q4 release version.

3.10 – Q2 2020

3.10.0 is in wave 1 PTU and relatively stable and should be out to the masses next week and then hit the live servers shortly after that. It saw some heavy tweaking to target methodology this week. We saw PTU patches for 3.10.0n and 3.10.0o this week. The 3.10.0p patch was released at roughly the same time as CIG published the Roadmap Roundup.

3.11 – Q3 2020

3.11 saw a drop of overall progress by 1% but saw an increase in all task cards. Let’s take a deeper look:

  • Space Station – Refinery Deck was moved from 3.11 to 3.12.
  • Space Station – Cargo Deck saw 3 tasks completed with one new task added. It sits at 26 out of 46 tasks completed at 57% complete.
  • Improved Throw saw 5 tasks completed with one new task added. It sits at 35 of 56 tasks completed at 62% complete.
  • Behring GP-33 Grenade Launcher saw 2 tasks completed and one task removed. This brings it to 18 of 30 tasks complete and sits at 67% complete.
  • Ground Cover Buoyancy is a new feature added which will add floating items to water bodies to add depth and more natural appearance. One item referenced would be seaweed floating in the water along with the motion of the waves.

3.12 – Q4 2020

3.12 was just added. This reveals we will likely not see the Pyro system as a playable location in Q4 2020. It has also been pointed out by players and CIG that 3.12’s inventory is rather lack luster. CIG followed up by saying that more cards should be added in the coming weeks to flesh out 3.12. Let’s take a look at what 3.12 currently has to offer:

  • Mystery Armor is coming out. Really not much information provided. SURPRISE! This item sits at 1 out of 7 tasks completed at 14%.
  • Space Station – Refinery Deck joins us from 3.11 this week in its new home in 3.12. It sits at 30 of 49 tasks complete at 61% complete. It actually saw a 28% increase from last week with completion of 23 tasks.
  • Station-based Refining is a new location type where miners will be able to spend time processing their mined ores to make them into more profitable materials. It sits at 74% complete with 39 of 53 tasks completed.
  • Weapon Zeroing allows players to adjust their weapon aimpoint to allow bullet drop compensation. This task is marked as complete.
  • Multi-Tool Tractor Beam allows for a player to move an object without physical contact. It sits at 0 of 13 tasks complete.. or 0%


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