Realistic Star Citizen Update – June 7th, 2018

Calling All Devs
-Life support will be an interactable module that you can repair, if it craps out then you put on a space suit. CIG wants to keep this simple.
-Something in the way the dev is talking makes it sound like some modules won’t be repairable and will need to be removed and replaced.
-All major planets are going to have their own art style and clothing style. No word on when CIG is going to hit the kind of work output to fulfil this before the 2030s.
-CIG will be reworking some ships airlocks so they can actually hold a person inside since CIG didn’t plan the ships out properly.
-CIG currently doesn’t have the game systems implemented to re-pressurize a ship after the new Room System vents the air to space. Developer then goes on to contradict the previous statement about life support and talk about different stats and systems aspects.
-Armor is currently being reworked into Item System 2.0. Just like it was eons ago when work on Item 2.0 was started.
-The Constellation Phoenix will not have a larger reactor, or auxiliary small reactors, but will instead get a slightly upgraded stock reactor. As previously mentioned a few months ago equipment decays so this is now a non-permanent upgrade to the hull.
-When the Phoenix gets released CIG will not have the tech to run automated defence turrets so functionality of the point defence turret will have to wait until later.

Around the Verse
-CIG is working on another mission-giver NPC. Fully voice acted again. Really seems sustainable for an MMO…
-More talk about working on all the things that they’ve been talking about for the past month, with some beauty shots.
-Work continues on FPS but major strides are being madeProceeds to show footage of AI glitch-leaping off stairs, shooting into a wall, then no-scope firing their rifle like a bazooka.
-Work on art for ships, shops, and hangars. Also trees and shrubs for savannah biome.
CIG then proceeds to spend an entire 10 minutes filling time by talking about the two new FPS guns they’ve apparently managed to turn out this quarter.
-Rest of the episode looks to be filler, fuck this, I’m not wasting my time watching the rest of this.

Reverse the Verse – This section is mostly speculative talk by CIG and next to meaningless details on ships.
-The redone Avenger now has the ability to load a hoverbike, making it nearly the only small ship that can fight and do this.
-The Hurricane only comes with ballistic weapons due a weak power plant. Not sure how that balance works when players can upgrade power plants and most ships have a single powerplant on last update.
-The 600i will not be not be a weak ship despite using medium modules while other ships in its size class use large modules.
-The Eclipse will not be able to swap out its torpedo bay.
-Stealth systems will be working partially by 3.2 but will see major work and functionality for later patches.

May Monthly Report
-CIG has worked out a new warp mechanic to orbit around a planet a bit more quickly.
Lots of alien bad guy stuff is being redone or just starting work; motion and animation are getting set to begin and AI is only hitting the prototype phase, as well as a lot of tech that would be needed for Squadron 42 so I wouldn’t expect a release for a fairly long time based on what’s being worked on and with CIG’s track record.
-Lots of other small details, if you care read the damn thing.

Production Schedule
-3.2- Due for release at the end of this month.
FPS AI and Network bind culling are both delayed until the 3.3 patch which has now become the 2018 patch of patches. Network bind culling was originally slated for release with 2.6.
Some forward progress on other systems but right now but nothing breathtaking, group warp travel and improved character movement may make it in still.

No significant changes outside of the above listed delayed features being moved here.

-3.4 & 3.5-
No changes.

More core features and tech getting delayed into the 3.3 patch, the patch that is in CIG’s typical fashion ballooning to become Star Citizen’s yearly Jesus Features patch.
One of the big netcode fixes that’s been getting delayed since patch 2.6 is delayed yet again.

There’s still stuff coming with 3.2 but unless you own a mining ship, or CIG gives everyone a mining ship, then it seems likely the patch won’t have too much to offer you.
Even performance doesn’t seem too likely to vastly improve based on what’s being stated right now.

Also there are some details in the monthly report that would point to Squadron 42 only now having started some fairly key work so unless CIG suddenly starts working swiftly it would be safe to bet that Squadron 42 is a long way from release.

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