Realistic Star Citizen Update – May 12th, 2018

Update time.

Calling All Devs

-FPS Weapons 2.0 is getting under way. Much like Items 2.0 it’s a typically CIG multi-year drawn out affair. Sure you may have heard of this back about when Star Marine released but that doesn’t mean CIG can’t drag out its development for another few years.
-No promises when it will be coming, will be added to roadmap when available, maybe not 2018.
-CIG is looking into “solving” the problem of distant, barely visible, asteroids not preventing/stopping your warp. Yeah… sounds fun.
-CIG is aiming to have working hover bikes by late 3.1.X or 3.2, things got broken when CIG rammed together all the systems for 3.0 at the last minute before release. Yes, that was basically what they said but with nicer words.
-Some talk about atmospheric flight and sustained thrust vs. impulse thrust. Too much talk to summarize.
-The flight control system sucks so much right now because it’s so overly complicated that it could no longer run on the main processing thread, once it was broken into a separate process it started running out of synch with the rest of the game and is effectively a mess. Going to need some work.
-The flight model isn’t working during high server load situations, so basically it doesn’t work when the game runs.

Around the Verse

-Progress on reworking old FPS armors. Yaaaay, I totally give a shit.
-More work on shopping kiosks. Yaaaay, I totally give a shit.
-Piles of audio/visual work including a clip of trees planetside.
-Piles of talk about services beacons and player contracts. Tons of filler talk about how amazing this will be someday.
-NPCs will take contracts when players won’t do it, within reason. Sounds great, have robots undercut human labour. That never causes issues.

Reverse the Verse

-Piles more talk about how amazing service beacons are going to be. I ain’t watching this shit anymore.

Production Schedule

Work on FPS combat AI work begun, at 33%.
Not much else has progressed, network tech has been stagnant for the past few weeks.

-3.3 to 3.5-
Not much outside of minor progress work.

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