Star Citizen 2.0 PTU Gameplay

has emerged into 2.0 PTU.  But not for everyone.

Announced in the weekly development update, his next offering is only available to the top bug submitters from previous test modules.  Apparently this is so that players that actually playtested the previous modules will provide input on how to fix the blatant bugs and issues before being released to the general playerbase in a few weeks.

Below is a list of gameplay aspects that are now playable.

  • Multicrew
  • Crusader location: 3 Moons, 3 stations, Asteroid belts
  • 8 dog fight missions
  • 8 research missions
  • 1 mission
  • 20+ random encounters
  • 1 on-going asteroid belt battle
  • 1 wreckage to scavange asteroid belt
  • 1 PVP Station
  • Limited to 12-16 ships at once (More players though)
  • Security Post is PVP/FPS (start with pistol) pick up weapons and fight there
  • Flyable Retaliators, Constellations, Avenger Variants, (hanger ready Vanguard)
  • Freelancer coming soon™
  • New flight dynamics and modes
  • EVA is back (ctrl+f)
  • Weapons can be recharged
  • Ship repair
  • Mobi-glass implementation

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