PC gamers are better than console gamers in bed – UK study shows

A study out of the UK conducted by PC players better in bed than Playstation and Xbox rivals, study finds, proves that PC gamers are better than console gamers in bed. Once again the PC Master Race defeats the console gamers. Sorry Xbox and Playstation gamers…

The study polled 2,747 partners of gamers and asked how they would rate their partner’s skills in bed.

The results saw just 11 per cent respond ‘excellent’, while most  – 27 per cent said their partner was ‘good’, 26 per cent said their partner was ‘average’ and a disappointing 20 per cent branded their partner’s bedroom skills as ‘below average’.

When the results were broken down, it emerged that PC players had been rated the highest by their partners, with 54 per cent of PC gamers being described as ‘good’ or above and 22 per cent being regarded as ‘excellent’.

Xbox players also fared relatively well, with 47 per cent of them being described as ‘good’ or above.

In contrast, Playstation gamers performed badly in the bedroom study, as only three per cent were described as being ‘excellent’ and eight per cent as very good.

As a dedicated PC gamer myself, “Boo yeah!  Yeah buddy!  Take that console ‘gamers’.  How does your mom like me that now?”

Additionally, partners were also asked about the ratio of gaming to bedroom activities and their preference, if any.  21 percent wanted ‘less gaming, more sex’ and a startling 11 percent wanted ‘less sex, more gaming’, which I find hard to believe.  But the optimist in me believes that 11 percent wanted more gaming so their partner could practice more and perform better in the bedroom.

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