Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Press Demo

The persistent world of Star Citizen is definitely at the top of my “Most Anticipated” list for games anywhere in the distant future. The Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Press Demo which was released on October 10th, 2015 really has me excited for what is in store. Past demos were modular looks at what the game is going to be, leaving the viewer’s imagination to stitch it together. This 20-minute demo, however, does not. It gives us an initial look into what the full game will look like.

In the Press Demo, you will see a few players walking through a space station and then selecting which ships they want to use. They then disembark the station via an air lock and walk out to the landing pad to board their selected ships and set off.

They then do a quick run using their ships’ quantum drives to another space station. Upon exiting their quantum drive run, they notice there are enemy ships around the station.

A brief dog fight ensues and the enemy ships are destroyed. But the station is damaged. The F7 Hornet pilot exits his space craft for an EVA to inspect components on the station. Once complete, he boards his Hornet and points his spacecraft at Jupiter. He then engages his quantum drive and arrives at another station.

He moves towards the station, more specifically towards a landing pad. Once close enough, autopilot is engaged and the ship lands itself. The landing pad is a repair pad and upon landing four repair drones repair the ship. Once the repairs are complete, he makes a high speed horizontal departure from the landing pad and station and off he goes, engaging his quantum drive once again.

He arrives at another station and the scene cuts to the constellation which is attempting to land on a pad at the station manually. The crew members then disembark and head into the station. They then walk around the station and you can see the vast amount of interior size there is to walk around.

Then a firefight breaks out inside the station. A few of the crewmembers fight to the airlock and get back onboard the constellation and they escape to safety.

The level of detail in the world’s design is breathtaking. Every little object, scene, space craft, station and lighting is hashed out to a realistic approach. I can see many people using a virtual reality device like the Oculus Rift and becoming more ingrained in the experience.

There are some bugs still, mostly character animation issues that have been plaguing the FPS module release. Nothing too crazy, though.

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