Diablo 3 Power Leveling with Gem of Ease

With Season 2 of Diablo 3 going on, players are chomping at the bit for every way to get ahead of the competition.  The introduction of legendary gems have brought about some very unique benefits that allow paradigm shifting players to take advantage of.

Power leveling has always been an interesting topic.  The Gem of Ease allows players to do that very easily now and opens the door for solo power leveling – something that most thought to be ineffective.

The Gem of Ease
The Gem of Ease can be dropped by Greater Rift Guardians

Power Leveling with Gem of Ease

The Gem of Ease has a bonus to experience when killing a monster.  A rank 1 Gem of Ease has a bonus of 500 experience, which is considerable.  My Gem of Ease is rank 16 and adds a whopping 1300 experience points per each monster killed.

So what?

The gem adds that experience regardless of difficulty.  Even in Normal difficulty.  So all of those easy to kill monsters add that experience.  Players that couple that with a skill that allows them to quickly defeat trash mobs or “normal” or “white monsters” in droves and a player can effectively power level themselves.

While more difficult monsters may be worth more experience and even more experience on more difficult settings, the ability to rush through and kill hundreds of monsters in a few minutes with the + experience bonus offered by the Gem of Ease far outweighs what one would get with more difficult game play.

Equipping the Gem of Ease

At rank 25, the gem can be put into a level 70 weapon and that weapon will now be equippable by a level 1 character.  Imagine the damage possible!

If your gem isn’t rank 25, most characters will start finding or crafting socketted items around level 17.  Another alternative is to find a socketted item that has a bonus that reduces the required level so that your new character can start using it sooner.

Power Leveling with Friends

Watch me gain 18 levels in 90 seconds!

For even further power leveling in a not-so-solo atmosphere, start a game with the character that needs to be power leveled in Adventure Mode and Torment IV and then have level 70 characters join the game – the level 70 characters will be able to tear through the monsters quickly and the character that is being power leveled will gain the maximum amount of experience with the bonus experience for an ultra fast power level.  As the character being power leveled reaches 70, the difficulty can be turned down if the characters that are doing the power leveling start to struggle.  Being able to steam roll the mobs is the optimal speed when power leveling, especially with the Gem of Ease.

Let us know your favorite Diablo 3 Solo Power Leveling tips and tricks in the comments below!

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